Aid reaches Syrian rebel-held location of Homs: Syrian Observatory

BEIRUT Humanitarian aid has reached a besieged rebel-held region in the central Syrian city of Homs, part of a regional ceasefire deal that is to include the withdrawal of opposition fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

In a delivery presided over by the United Nations, food and health-related supplies entered the Waer district of the city on Thursday, the Britain-based monitoring group stated.

It was a sign that the deal, which would be the second nearby ceasefire agreement to be reached in Syria in recent months, was beginning to be implemented.

Syrian government officials stated on Tuesday they had agreed that opposition fighters could withdraw from the final insurgent-held region of Homs with their weapons as part of the agreement.

Sources told Reuters that Syrian and United Nations officials had been meeting in Homs, a significant battleground on Syria’s north-south highway, to try to finalize the deal following a ceasefire in Waer.

One more ceasefire agreement, backed by Iran and Turkey and with U.N. help, was reached in September in between pro-government forces and insurgents around a town close to the Lebanese border and two villages in northwest Syria. That ceasefire seems to be holding regardless of sporadic exchanges of fire.

But the much more than four-year-old war shows little sign of slowing across the rest of the country as heavy fighting continues and all the world’s significant powers except China are all now militarily involved.

(Reporting by John Davison Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)

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