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Mourinho wants ‘dream’ fourth place

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho wants to attain a “dream” by finishing in the prime four at the finish of the season.

The Premier League champions have struggled so far, lying in 14th location, 14 points off fourth position.

“Maybe we have a likelihood to dream with a wonderful finish and finish fourth. Even though it is mathematically possibly, we have to try,” mentioned Mourinho.

The Blues travel to face surprise leaders Leicester in the league on Monday (kick-off 20:00 GMT).

‘I was convinced of fourth’

In a season full of shock results for Mourinho’s males, last weekend’s 1- defeat at Stamford Bridge to Bournemouth was arguably the most surprising scoreline of their campaign.

The Cherries became the first promoted side to beat Chelsea at property considering that Charlton in April 2001. It left the London side just two points above the relegation zone.

“Just before we lost the final three points against Bournemouth, I was convinced of fourth, of a excellent December for us,” mentioned Mourinho. “I have to be sincere and say the last defeat was some thing that I was far away from believing was feasible.

“The reality is that some clubs are carrying out so nicely, and some are not capable of performing what men and women are utilized to. It is not attainable for clubs to win 3, 4, five, 10 matches in a row now.”

‘I’ve began so I will finish’

Chelsea’s poor begin to the season has inevitably led to inquiries about Mourinho’s future at Stamford Bridge but the Portuguese manager is adamant he will remain in his job.

“I imagine myself finishing my contract with Chelsea,” he added. “I have three and half years on my contract.

“Right after that I envision myself coaching, not each and every club, there are some clubs I will in no way handle.

“I feel that the negative outcomes are not standard, but the likelihood for each and every manager to do his work and finish what he began is. What is not normal is what is happening now.”

EU wants to give national privacy regulators more clout in new U.S. information pact

* EU, U.S. negotiating new transatlantic information pact

* Leading EU court struck down previous pact on privacy issues

* EU desires to wrap up talks by finish of January

By Julia Fioretti

BRUSSELS, Nov 27 The European Union wants to boost the power of the bloc’s national privacy regulators in policing a planned new EU-U.S. data pact after the earlier one particular was struck down by a leading EU court on concerns about mass U.S. surveillance.

Brussels and Washington are locked in negotiations to forge a new framework enabling data transfers from Europe to the United States, which are otherwise topic to cumbersome and lengthy legal processes beneath EU data protection law.

The previous pact, recognized as Protected Harbour and utilised by over four,000 U.S. and European businesses, was declared invalid by the European Court of Justice in October simply because U.S. national security needs trumped the privacy of Europeans’ data.

To address the court’s concerns, particularly that Europeans do not have legal channels to challenge misuse of their information, the Commission is looking for approaches to involve European privacy watchdogs more deeply, according to three folks familiar with the matter.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was responsible for monitoring companies’ compliance with the Protected Harbour privacy principles, despite the fact that it does not deal with complaints from folks.

A larger role for European watchdogs would allow citizens to complain straight to their national authorities, the sources said.

A equivalent mechanism existed in the old Protected Harbour framework for human resources data which are often sensitive.

U.S. companies handling Europeans’ human sources information had to commit to cooperating with European data protection authorities in case of complaint.

“That is one situation to play around with,” said 1 of the men and women on condition of anonymity.

However, there is no agreement however and differences remain over how the European regulators would cooperate with the FTC to keep away from giving the EU extraterritorial powers.

The European Commission and the U.S. Mission to the EU declined comment.

The Safe Harbour method permitted organizations to self-certify that they complied with EU privacy law when transferring EU citizens’ individual information to nations deemed to have insufficient safeguards, which include the United States.

Both U.S. and EU firms shuffle personal information across the Atlantic on a daily basis, no matter whether employee information for multinationals or user information collected by world wide web businesses for use in the billion-dollar on the web advertising industry.

But the program came below strain in 2013 after former U.S. National Safety Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked particulars of U.S. government spying programmes.

Brussels has committed to wrapping up the talks by the finish of January but is looking for additional guarantees from Washington that U.S. authorities will not access Europeans’ information on a wholesale basis, anything that has drawn out the negotiations. (Editing by Adrian Croft julia.fioretti@thomsonreuters.com)

Bandar Sabung Ayam

Agen Sabung Ayam – Mental wellness wants urgent extra funding to avert crisis, say trust chief executives | Claire Murdoch

Agen Sabung Ayam

The ideal way to tackle the growing NHS deficit is to deliver a lot more solutions in the community. Photograph: Alamy

The NHS is facing the greatest economic challenge in its history. Figures for the initial 3 months of the economic year reveal an accumulated NHS deficit of nearly £1bn. The independent health thinktank, the Nuffield Trust, says deficits have now turn into the “new normal” in the NHS, with four out of five trusts now in the red. The figures for the second quarter of the financial year are feared to be substantially worse.

Related: NHS facing £2bn deficit and ‘worst economic crisis in a generation’

The position for acute hospital trusts is especially challenging, with 98% of the total NHS accumulated deficit nonetheless in the acute sector. Despite an exceptional record of economic management, deficits are growing in London’s mental health trusts due to rising demand, an ageing population but fewer sources.

In 2014-15, London’s wellness commissioners spent 12% of overall health expenditure on mental health. In 2015-16 that fell to 11% – a transfer of funding from mental overall health to acute trusts. Nationally, mental ill-wellness at the moment accounts for far more than 25% of the total illness burden, but mental wellness solutions obtain less than half that proportion of NHS funding and the amount that goes to mental well being is falling.

The Cavendish Square Group, set up this year by the ten NHS mental wellness trusts in London to speak up for mental healthcare in the capital, is seriously concerned that health commissioners in London will once again raid mental health budgets to support plug the ever-expanding deficits in the acute hospital sector. It can’t be appropriate that we run the NHS on the basis of robbing Peter to pay Paul and it merely cannot go on. We have to improve spending on mental wellness solutions and we should do it now.

The very best way to tackle the expanding NHS deficit is to provide more services in the community. This is particularly true for patients who have each mental and physical overall health difficulties. The expense of caring for folks with combined mental well being and physical overall health difficulties is a lot more than £13bn a year. Increased investment in community and main mental health solutions could dramatically lessen this cost and reduce the NHS deficit.

The imminent report by NHS England’s mental well being taskforce will set out a new 5-year national strategy for mental wellness. Far more than 20,000 individuals such as service users, families, carers and clinicians, have fed their views to the taskforce. It is important that this strategy is correctly funded, with investment directed to frontline mental health services, if we are to realise the parity of esteem all the primary political parties committed themselves to just before the election.

The case for protecting and escalating mental well being budgets is compelling. We owe it to people with mental well being difficulties to guarantee services are as very good as these for folks with physical ill health. And investing effectively in mental health services is one of the most efficient techniques of rising productivity, cutting costs and decreasing the wider NHS deficit.

Correct investment in mental overall health services can have dramatic effects. North East London NHS foundation trust is piloting a new service for individuals with key mental overall health issues that involves constant and concerted engagement with the patient’s wider family or network, combined with considerably reduce prices of medication. It is a model pioneered in Finland, exactly where all healthcare employees acquire education in household therapy and connected psychological expertise. It is increasingly getting employed in Scandinavia, Germany and numerous states in America. The benefits are striking. A lot more than 70% of sufferers with a initial episode of psychosis treated via the open dialogue strategy return to perform or study and in-patient hospitalisation rates are considerably lower.

The ten London mental overall health trusts have taken huge strides to reduce the number of mental well being beds and move solutions into the community. So we can assist the acute sector to discover from our experiences.

Associated: Mental well being price range cuts putting solutions below ‘huge pressure’

We need to have higher stability by way of longer mental health service contracts and budgeting. The cost of contracting solutions for even 12 months is enormous, for commissioners and trusts. The annual budgeting cycle precludes constant, London-wide agreement on longer term high quality improvements, in favour of extended wrangling more than contract values. It is costly, inefficient and destabilising. 5-year service contracts would encourage more collaborative working between clinical commissioning groups and providers and lead to extended-term stability.

We require a healthcare payment technique that incentivises all overall health providers – in principal, acute and mental wellness care – to get people much better quicker and preserve individuals healthier for longer. Funding arrangements in the physical health sector incentivise providers to treat far more individuals, rather than to maintain them properly so they do not require therapy. By contrast, mental wellness providers obtain block payments and are basically asked to do what they can inside their allocated price range.

We also need to have a single, unified regulatory method that ends the conflict in between the Care Quality Commission’s demand that trusts want to employ a lot more employees and Monitor’s insistence that trusts need to spend less cash on staffing. We can not do each.

With concerted action, England could have mental well being solutions that avert physical ill-overall health and hold people at property, but we want to move quickly. Time is running out.

Claire Murdoch is chair of the Cavendish Square Group and chief executive of the Central and North West London NHS foundation trust


Paul Jenkins, vice-chair, the Cavendish Square Group and chief executive of the Tavistock &amp Portman NHS foundation trust

Maria Kane, chief executive of Barnet, Enfield &amp Haringey mental health NHS trust

Wendy Wallace, chief executive of Camden &amp Islington NHS foundation trust

John Brouder, chief executive of NELFT NHS foundation trust

Stephen Firn, chief executive, Oxleas NHS foundation trust

Dr Matthew Patrick, chief executive, South London &amp Maudsley NHS foundation trust

David Bradley, chief executive, South West London &amp St George’s mental overall health NHS trust

Paul Stefanoski, interim chief executive, West London mental well being NHS trust

Dr Robert Dolan, chief executive of East London NHS foundation trust

Agen Sabung Ayam – French President wants emergency powers; ISIS threatens U.S.

Agen Sabung Ayam

At the identical time, ISIS threatened the United States that it could be subsequent.

“I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington,” an ISIS fighter declared in a video released Monday.

The speech, and ISIS’ newest threat, came as police scoured France and Belgium in a hunt for suspects in Friday’s brutal attacks, which left at least 129 dead and 352 wounded.

In a rare speech to a joint session of parliament, Hollande urged lawmakers to approve a 3-month extension of the nation’s state of emergency, new laws that would enable authorities to strip the citizenship from French-born terrorists and provisions generating it less complicated to deport suspected terrorists.

He also proposed adding 5,000 positions to the country’s national paramilitary police force and stated he would not propose cuts in the nation’s defense spending until at least 2019.

He mentioned France would intensify its attacks on ISIS and referred to as for a U.N. Safety Council meeting to go over the worldwide threat posed by the group.

“We are not committed to a war of civilizations, due to the fact these assassins don’t represent any civilization,” Hollande stated. “We are in a war against terrorism, jihadism, which threatens the whole world.”

“Terrorism will not destroy France, due to the fact France will destroy it,” Hollande mentioned.

Raids across France

French police carried out raids around the nation overnight into Monday, bringing to 150 the quantity of raids below the country’s state of emergency considering that Friday.

A rocket launcher and bulletproof vest were among the things authorities seized, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated. The interior minister mentioned he had ordered that 104 folks be place under property arrest considering that the attacks.

In Belgium, authorities arrested seven individuals in weekend raids. 5 of them have been released, according to Jean-Pascal Thoreau of Belgium’s federal prosecutor’s workplace.

As particulars emerge about the seven terrorists killed in the attacks, an international manhunt is underway for Salah Abdeslam, who has already managed to slip by means of the fingers of authorities at least after.

Suspect at big described as dangerous

Abdeslam is a 26-year-old French citizen who was born in Belgium, French police said in a public request for details, warning that he is unsafe and need to not be approached. Belgium has issued an international warrant for his arrest.

Hours soon after the attacks, he was driving in the path of the Belgian border when police stopped and questioned him, a source close to the investigation into the Paris attacks said.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported that police hadn’t however linked him to the Paris attacks when they stopped him and two other people in a black Volkswagen Golf. When Belgian police stopped the car later Saturday, Abdeslam was no longer in it. Now, his whereabouts are unknown.

Investigators haven’t stated a lot about how they believe Abdeslam is tied to the shootings and bombings that targeted men and women at restaurants, bars, a concert venue and a sports stadium.

1 of his brothers was a suspect killed in the attacks, Thoreau said. An additional brother was arrested by Belgian police but later released.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported that Abdeslam rented the black Volkswagen Polo that was found outside the Bataclan concert hall exactly where three attackers massacred at least 89 individuals prior to blowing themselves up or being shot by police.

Paris terror attacks: Names of victims begin to emerge

Vehicle located with weapons inside

Le Monde reported that Salah Abdeslam’s older brother, Ibrahim, was the suicide bomber whose explosives detonated at a cafe on boulevard Voltaire in eastern Paris in the course of the wave of attacks on the city. The Paris prosecutor’s workplace has identified that attacker as a 31-year-old French citizen but hasn’t disclosed his name.

According to Le Monde, Ibrahim Abdeslam rented the black Seat auto that authorities say was employed in the string of deadly attacks on restaurants and bars on Friday. But it really is not however clear regardless of whether he was in the automobile at the time of the attacks, the newspaper stated.

The Seat was identified abandoned in the eastern Paris suburb of Montreuil with three Kalashnikov automatic rifles inside, CNN affiliate BFMTV reported Sunday.

An additional brother, Mohammed Abdeslam, spoke to CNN affiliate BFMTV soon after his release from custody, saying his parents have been in shock.

“My family and I are impacted by what occurred. We identified out by Television just like a lot of of you,” he stated. “We did not believe for a moment that 1 of our brothers was connected to these attacks.”

French officials believe that six of the people straight involved in the attacks had spent time in Syria, BFMTV reported Monday.

Two prominent ISIS members, Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Salim Benghalem, may possibly have been involved in organizing or masterminding the Paris attacks, a source close to the ongoing investigation tells CNN. Each have been involved in multiple terrorist plots in current years and are believed to be in Syria or Iraq.

Syrian passport holder linked to refugee flow

Attention is also heavily focused on a Syrian passport discovered close to the physique of a single of the 3 Stade de France bombers. The passport and a registration document for refugee status issued by Greek authorities led officials to a troubling conclusion, according to a French senator: The bomber was among a group of Syrian refugees who arrived on the Greek island of Leros on October three.

The senator, who was briefed by France’s interior minister, told CNN that the man was carrying the passport and also a registration document for refugee status by Greek authorities. The fingerprints of the passport holder taken by Greek authorities match these of the terrorist who blew himself up at the Stade de France, the senator stated.

The Paris prosecutor’s workplace on Monday confirmed the hyperlink, saying the passport bearing the name of Ahmad Al Mohammad, a 25-year-old from Idlib, nonetheless wants to be verified.

The feasible tie among one particular of the Paris attackers and the refugees from the Syrian war flocking to Europe this year has intensified concerns about how to handle the influx of folks.

European politicians who’ve been speaking out against the rush of migrants are already pointing to the attacks as an additional explanation to close their countries’ borders. And governors in at least 24 U.S. states have stated they won’t accept Syrian refugees in light of the Paris attacks.

Attack raises concerns internationally

In Britain, authorities mentioned they would enhance safety for Tuesday’s soccer match amongst England and France. And in Washington, transit police stepped up patrols to safeguard the city’s mass transit technique.

Much more patrols, much more dogs and random explosives screenings were introduced, along with unseen countermeasures meant to prevent an attack, the Metro Transit Police Department stated.

The Department of Homeland Safety mentioned it had no “certain credible information of an attack on the U.S. homeland.”

CIA Director John Brennan mentioned he would be surprised if the group does not have additional attacks in preparation.

“I would anticipate this is not the only operation they have in the pipeline,” he mentioned. “I do believe this is anything we will have to deal with for quite some time.”

City on edge

On Monday, Parisians attempted to return to college and perform in a city scarred by its second key terror attack this year. In January, terrorists stormed the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, killing 12.

At 1 intersection, police who arrived to direct targeted traffic Monday had been met by worried pedestrians asking “Is anything happening?”

At a Paris school, a father stated, “It is difficult to let them go off to school and for us to return to work, for everyone. We’re all just going to have to appear out for 1 one more.”

Patrick Klugman, the city’s deputy mayor, told CNN the evidence police have located in raids reveals a pattern.

“In each attack we had so far in the past, we uncover a lot of heavy war material not used. So we know that it is simple to find weapons in France, in Belgium, to commit attacks. And we know that they have the capacity to result in main harm,” he stated. “They did on Friday and possibly they can once again. That is why intelligence is so critical.”

Total coverage of Paris attacks

Margot Haddad reported from Paris, and Jethro Mullen wrote from Hong Kong. Atika Shubert, Christiane Amanpour, Ashley Fantz, Tim Lister, Catherine E. Shoichet, Nima Elbagir, Sebastian Knoops, Pierre Meilhan and Brian Walker contributed to this report.

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