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Initial planeload of Syrian refugees arrives in Canada

TORONTO Soon after months of promises and weeks of preparation, the very first Canadian government planeload of Syrian refugees landed in Toronto on Thursday, aboard a military aircraft met by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau was elected to a surprise majority in October promising to accept much more refugees much more swiftly than the previous Conservative government.

“This is a wonderful evening, where we get to show not just a planeload of new Canadians what Canada is all about, we get to show the planet how to open our hearts and welcome in folks who are fleeing extraordinarily tough situations,” Trudeau told airport workers and volunteers standing by to meet the refugees.

Trudeau’s Liberal government scaled back the number of Syrian migrants it will accept by year end soon after the attacks in Paris sparked concern that the election guarantee to bring in 25,000 by Dec. 31 would not allow sufficient time for security checks.

The plane carrying 163 Syrian refugees touched down in Toronto just ahead of midnight on Thursday and will be followed by a second military airlift to Montreal on Saturday. Trudeau has mentioned ten,000 will be resettled by the end of the year and a additional 15,000 by the end of February.

As Trudeau met the military aircraft amid tight security at a special terminal, privately sponsored Syrian refugees were arriving on commercial flights at Toronto’s principal terminal, greeted by sponsors and ordinary Canadians who had come to the airport to welcome the a lot-anticipated newcomers.

“They are extremely tired, but they are content and hopeful,” said Soriya Dasir, a worker with Abraham Festival, a group that sponsored a single mother and three young children who had been living in a camp in Jordan for two years, as she escorted them previous waiting media.

Toronto’s airport authority urged Canadians not to come to the airport to greet the refugees or drop off donations, saying: “We’re so proud that our community wants to aid, but such a response would be very overwhelming for those arriving.”

The request did not deter Shai Reef, 20, who held up a sign that study: “Welcome to Canada” in Arabic.

“I am right here to show my solidarity for and assistance of the Syrian men and women going by means of genocide in Syria,” Reef said. “As Jews, we were also locked out, I know what it feels like.”

Toronto’s mayor tweeted a welcome, even though the Toronto Star, the country’s largest newspaper, covered its front page with a “Welcome to Canada” banner headline in English and Arabic, along with an report explaining Canadian climate, ice hockey and slang.

The reception in Canada contrasted sharply with that of the neighboring United States, where fear of Syrian refugees following the deadly Nov. 13 Paris attacks spurred opposition to allowing them entry. Some U.S. governors said their states would not accept Syrian refugees.

With security concerns, immigration paperwork and the flight’s late-evening arrival, refugees on the military aircraft had been to be put up at a nearby hotel for the evening before meeting their sponsors and resettlement agencies on Friday.

(Additional reporting and writing by Andrea Hopkins in Toronto and David Ljunngren in Ottawa Editing by Jonathan Oatis and Peter Cooney)

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Very first planeload of Syrian refugees headed to Canada

TORONTO Following months of promises and weeks of preparation, the first planeload of Syrian refugees was headed to Canada on Thursday, aboard a military plane to be met at Toronto’s airport by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau’s newly elected Liberal government scaled back the quantity of Syrian migrants it will accept by year end right after the attacks in Paris sparked concern that bringing in 25,000 by Dec. 31 – an election promise – would not enable adequate time for safety checks.

Some 300 Syrian refugees were expected to arrive on two military flights, the initial arriving in Toronto on Thursday and the second in Montreal on Saturday. Trudeau has stated ten,000 will be resettled by the finish of the year and a additional 15,000 by the end of February.

Toronto’s mayor tweeted a welcome, while the Toronto Star, the nation’s biggest newspaper, covered its front page with a “Welcome to Canada” banner headline in English and Arabic, along with an report explaining Canadian climate, ice hockey and quirky nearby slang.

The Syrians’ reception in Canada contrasted sharply with that of the neighboring United States, where worry of Syrian refugees following the deadly Nov. 13 Paris attacks spurred opposition to enabling them in. Some U.S. governors mentioned their states would not accept Syrian refugees.

Canadian refugee groups and private sponsors said they have been excited and scrambling to prepare for the arrival of the households, who have been chosen from camps in Lebanon and Jordan following fleeing Syria’s four-year-old civil war.

“Every person is excited. We will be prepared,” stated Lorig Garboushian-Katrjian, a coordinator at the Armenian Community Centre of Toronto, which has helped sponsor 71 refugees arriving on the very first plane.

With security issues, immigration paperwork and the flight’s late-evening arrival, most sponsors and family members will not be capable to meet the refugees at the airport, but the government has arranged for the refugees to keep overnight at nearby hotels, Garboushian-Katrjian stated.

She mentioned she had spoken to some of the families just before they boarded the plane and said no 1 minds the extra evening in a hotel.

“They mentioned they are OK, no issue, one particular far more day, it will not count compared to the 3 or 4 years that have passed,” she stated in a telephone interview. “It is the final destination for them to commence a new life.”

Although one particular provincial premier and some opposition politicians initially stated Trudeau was accepting as well many refugees too speedily, his decision to push back the timeline by two months silenced much of the criticism.

Trudeau was elected to a surprise majority in October promising to accept more refugees far more rapidly than the preceding Conservative government.

(Further reporting and writing by Andrea Hopkins in Toronto and David Ljunngren in Ottawa Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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Initial planeload of Syria refugees to arrive in Toronto on Thursday

OTTAWA The 1st planeload of Syrian refugees from camps in Jordan and Lebanon will arrive in Canada on Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated on Wednesday.

Yet another planeload will arrive in Montreal on Saturday, he told legislators.

The Liberal government plans to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year and a additional 15,000 by the finish of February. Officials say the refugees on the first planeloads will be largely or completely privately sponsored.

(Reporting by Randall Palmer)

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German cabinet approves identity card for refugees

BERLIN Germany’s cabinet agreed on Wednesday to introduce an identity card for refugees as it tries to greater manage the wave of migrants arriving from Syria, Afghanistan and other problems spots.

Around one particular million refugees are expected to arrive in Germany this year and local authorities have struggled to cope with scale and pace of the influx.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come beneath growing criticism by opposition groups and some of her conservative allies for opening up Germany’s borders to Syrian refugees, criticism that has improved because the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.

The cards will include data on refugees’ date and place of birth, nationality and gender, as effectively as a photo and particulars on height and eye colour. Registration centers will also take fingerprints.

“This way we can attempt and greater detect people who are attempting to disguise their identity,” Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere mentioned in a statement.

The government hopes to commence handing the cards out by mid February, when the ID cards have been approved by parliament, with the aim of possessing them fully introduced by next year.

Refugees will need to have an ID card if they want to obtain positive aspects and apply for asylum, de Maiziere mentioned.

“The draft law is a further crucial step to register the folks who are arriving quickly even though ensuring their identity,” he added.

The information will be collected throughout refugees’ 1st contact with the authorities and will be saved in a central register which will be created available to all relevant authorities.

Particulars on well being and vaccinations will also be recorded, as well as data on refugees’ academic and skilled qualifications to support speed up the integration method.

In order to stay away from registering the same person twice, centers will be equipped with finger print matching systems.

(Reporting by Caroline Copley)

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In uncommon test, Merkel to face down party rebels on refugees

BERLIN In past years, Angela Merkel has been feted like a superstar at annual meetings of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, earning thunderous ovations for defending German interests in the euro crisis and facing down Vladimir Putin more than Ukraine.

But a CDU congress in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe next week is shaping up to be a really various affair. Under intense stress from conservative allies to reduce the flood of refugees into Germany, the 61-year-old chancellor faces the largest test of her authority from inside the celebration in years.

The influential youth wing of the celebration has openly defied her in the run-up to the glitzy two-day event by demanding she agree to an “Obergrenze”, or cap on the number of asylum seekers Germany accepts – a step she has repeatedly rejected on the grounds it would be not possible to enforce.

Her Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU), have been pressing for a cap for months, and even some of Merkel’s personal ministers are lobbying openly for a tougher stance from the chancellor, who marked ten years in office final month and should make a decision by subsequent autumn no matter whether she will seek a fourth term in 2017.

“Merkel has in no way endured such sharp criticism from within her personal ranks since becoming chancellor,” study a front-web page editorial in conservative day-to-day newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday. “Below no circumstances can she allow the congress to approve a resolution on refugee policy that includes the word ‘Obergrenze’.”

Two recent developments are working in Merkel’s favor ahead of the meeting in Karlsruhe, a city which sits close to the border between Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, two of three German states that will hold elections in March.

1st, the number of migrants arriving in Germany has slowed significantly considering that late November, largely because of colder climate which has made it a lot more difficult for refugees to travel from Turkey to Greece and then up by way of the Balkans.

“It really is also early to declare a alter in the trend but it is positive,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Monday.

Also, a sharp months-lengthy slide in support for Merkel and her conservative bloc seems to have come to a halt.

An Emnid survey last weekend put the CDU/CSU on 37 %, up from 36 percent a month ago, and nonetheless 12 points ahead of the rival Social Democrats (SPD). A separate poll from Infratest dimap showed Merkel’s recognition increasing 5 points to 54 percent.

“I see a lot of support in the celebration for Angela Merkel’s course,” CDU Basic Secretary Peter Tauber stated at the weekend, dismissing ideas her authority was waning.


But some CDU members described the mood in the celebration as abysmal.

For the initial time in years, off-the-record conversations with lawmakers in Berlin are littered with criticisms of Merkel, echoing the era ahead of she became chancellor when a cabal of conservative guys worked behind the scenes to undermine the protestant pastor’s daughter from communist East Germany.

Last week, former Saxony justice minister Steffen Heitmann became the initial prominent member of the CDU to announce he was leaving the celebration. In a letter to Merkel which was leaked to the media, he mentioned he had never felt “so foreign in my personal country”.

The atmosphere could not be much more different than it was back in 2012, when at a CDU congress in Hanover, Merkel was re-elected celebration leader by 98 % of delegates, a score so higher that German reporters jokingly likened it to the sham elections of East German leaders in the course of Merkel’s youth.

“The mood among conservative members of parliament is really catastrophic correct now,” said a single senior CDU lawmaker, declining to be named. “Merkel is entirely isolated.”

“She demands to wake up,” said one more top ranking celebration member. “Merkel’s remedy to this crisis depends on the goodwill of men and women like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Turkish President Tayyip) Erdogan. It basically won’t function.”

A close aide to the chancellor, speaking on situation of anonymity, played down the extent of the discontent, estimating that only a third of celebration members were really in favor of a tougher course, by means of caps, border closures or more radical measures.

Merkel has resisted such steps, arguing that the influx have to be tackled outside Germany, through negotiations to resolve the war in Syria and by encouraging neighboring Turkey to improve circumstances for refugees there and convincing European partners to accept quotas of asylum seekers.

“Merkel will not budge on this,” the aide stated. “If there truly is a majority at the congress for caps on refugees, this would point to a difficulty at the best, but we don’t expect this.”

(Further reporting by Paul Carrel Writing by Noah Barkin Editing by Pravin Char)

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Canada deeply disappointed on Thai action on Chinese refugees

OTTAWA The Canadian government mentioned on Wednesday it had registered severe concern with Thailand and China over a selection by Bangkok to send back to China two Chinese refugees who were awaiting resettlement in Canada.

The two Chinese men have been under the protection of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), mentioned Francois Lasalle, spokesman for Canada’s foreign ministry.

“We have expressed severe concerns with both countries, including our deep disappointment that the individuals had been sent by Thai authorities back to China ?despite getting in possession of UNHCR protection documents,” Lasalle said.

The Thai junta knew that two Chinese males it detained were refugees awaiting resettlement in Canada but nevertheless deported them to China, according to a United Nations letter seen by Reuters.

The letter, reported on by Reuters on Nov. 30 contradicts Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s statement final month that Thailand “did not know” that the men have been below UNHCR protection.

Military-ruled Thailand arrested the males, Jiang Yefei and Dong Guangping, on Oct. 28 and deported them at Beijing’s request in mid-November.

In the letter, dated Nov. 16, the UNHCR raised its objections to the deportations and reminded the Thai foreign ministry that it had informed the government in writing on Nov. 10 that the males had been refugees and had been accepted for fast resettlement by Canada.

(Reporting by Randall Palmer Editing by Sandra Maler)

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Lie detectors, solitary: How South Korea screens refugees

SEOUL South Korea has spent decades screening refugees from a hostile neighbor but some enemy agents handle to get via, underlining the challenges Western nations face in dealing with a far larger influx of individuals escaping the war in Syria.

Seoul uses lie detectors, interrogation and a screening approach that consists of maintaining men and women in solitary confinement to catch North Korean agents among genuine asylum seekers.

Nonetheless, amongst 2003 and 2013, of the 49 North Korean spies apprehended in the South, 21 entered the country posing as refugees, according to the country’s justice ministry.

“The question of spies slipping via is usually a dilemma, and we need to make the procedure much more meticulous and sophisticated,” stated Shin Kyung-min, the ranking opposition member of the South Korean parliament’s intelligence committee.

“But it really is not like we can cease taking in North Korean defectors due to the fact of that,” Shin told Reuters.

There are increasing calls in the United States and in Europe to bar tens of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war following this month’s Paris attacks simply because of concerns that vetting processes are not stringent enough and that extremists preparing attacks could slip by means of.

Far more than 1,000 North Koreans defect to the South every year and are held for up to 180 days although they are screened. If they clear that, the refugees are transferred to a resettlement complex, which they can not leave, for an additional 12 weeks to support them adjust to life in the South.

New North Korean arrivals to the South, who generally enter via a third country, are brought to a facility in Siheung on the southern outskirts of Seoul. There, they are separated for questioning on their backgrounds and lives in the North, spending time in solitary but comfy rooms.

No exception is created for households or kids, who are taken from their parents and face comparable questioning, according to a civic group.

“It was like writing my autobiography,” stated a 59-year-old female defector who spent 3 months at the interrogation center from 2012 and asked that she not be named simply because she is not supposed to talk about the procedure.

“I talked about my whole life in chronological order and got checked,” she told Reuters.

“I came right here to alter my life so there was nothing at all that I was afraid of.”

Lie detectors are employed as a standard tool, as many defectors from the isolated and impoverished North are undocumented, a former National Intelligence Service official said.

A standard interrogation begins with the defector’s address, and the plan has built a database with places, names and other specifics to evaluate with their story, Shin, the lawmaker stated.

The National Intelligence Service declined to comment for this report.

The plan has succeeded in weeding out about 120 bogus defectors and 14 spies, local media reports final year mentioned, citing intelligence officials. Fake defectors are believed primarily to consist of ethnic Korean citizens of mainland China. The numbers could not be independently verified.

Those located not to be North Korean defectors are deported, while those determined to be spies are prosecuted, according to South Korean authorities.


Pyongyang is believed to have begun sending spies posing as defectors to the South in the late 1990s when large batches of refugees fled a massive, deadly famine.

Before that, South Korea sometimes caught armed spies who had infiltrated from across the militarized border, or by way of modest submarines in the dark of evening. Some confrontations among North Korean agents and South Korean security forces ended in deadly gunfights.

“It is not an simple approach due to the fact they are disguised as refugees, highly trained, dispatched by counter-South espionage agencies,” stated Jun Ok-hyun, a former deputy director of South Korea’s spy agency who retired in 2009.

“The a lot more defectors come, the stronger the evaluation process must be simply because it could be less complicated for North Korea to send spies as fake refugees,” he told Reuters.

Once refugees are cleared by intelligence officials, they move to a resettlement center exactly where they learn sensible aspects of life in the modern, capitalist South, such as making use of an ATM and the differences in neighborhood usage of a frequent language that has evolved separately in the course of seven decades of division.

They also get wellness checks, nutritional assistance and vocational instruction.

When defectors leave the resettlement center and move into the basic population, police officers are assigned to protect and manage them, according to police officials who declined to elaborate.

Shin, the opposition lawmaker, noted that most North Koreans entering the South are genuine refugees and stated the screening plan is “really impressive”.

“The challenge for us is to choose out the spies acquiring increasingly sophisticated in fabricating their stories.”

(Editing by Tony Munroe and Raju Gopalakrishnan)

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Why It Requires Two Years for Syrian Refugees to Enter the U.S.

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Syrians must pass by way of several steps of safety clearances just before getting admitted to the United States, and are subject to added checks beyond refugees of other nationalities.

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Agen Sabung Ayam – Refugees Have to Not Be Turned Away, Obama Says

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President Obama visited a center for child refugees on Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He mentioned such kids need to not be barred from getting into the United States more than security fears. Credit Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia â?? President Obama vowed on Saturday to maintain Americaâ??s borders open to the worldâ??s refugees â??as extended as Iâ??m president,â? even as he met with youngster migrants and refugees right here and his administration refused to yield in a lengthy-distance feud with his critics over the concern.

Mr. Obama chatted with elementary-school-age children, all sharply dressed in navy-and-white uniforms, at a humanitarian center that serves young people who have fled violence in Myanmar, Pakistan, Syria, Iran and elsewhere.

They had been representative of the faces of all the worldâ??s persecuted minorities, the president stated, adding that such children must not be turned away by nations like the United States because of what he insisted was an unfounded worry of a terrorist threat from their presence.

â??They were indistinguishable from any kid in America,â? Mr. Obama mentioned soon after kneeling to appear at their drawings and math homework. â??And the notion that somehow we would be fearful of them, that our politics would somehow leave us to turn our sights away from their plight, is not representative of the ideal of who we are.â?