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Taliban attack on Spanish embassy in Kabul dims hopes of peace talks

KABUL The Taliban claimed duty for a auto bomb attack on the Spanish embassy in Kabul on Friday, further dimming hopes for peace talks with moderate components of the Islamist insurgent movement touted just days ago by President Ashraf Ghani.

Gunfire was reported immediately following the explosion, which the Taliban mentioned was targeted at a guest property attached to the embassy in a heavily protected location of the capital close to many foreign embassies and government buildings.

“The only details we can confirm is that there has been an explosion in the embassy,” a spokesman at the Spanish Foreign Ministry in Madrid stated. He had no reports of casualties.

Security forces with armored automobiles had been deployed around the scene, with at least three insurgents involved in the attack, according to a single police official.

At least seven folks were brought to a hospital operated by the aid group Emergency, 700 meters (yards) from the Spanish embassy, according to a tweet from the organization.

A Taliban spokesman stated the attack had targeted “an invader’s guest home”.

Spain, which contributed to the international force in Afghanistan, withdrew the final of its troops in October though a few officers stay at the headquarters of NATO’s Resolte Assistance Mission in Kabul.

A Taliban attack in the southern city of Kandahar killed 50 civilians and safety forces personnel, and was only suppressed on Wednesday soon after a lot more than a day of fighting.

The very same day, Ghani returned from a regional peace conference in Islamabad aimed at reviving stalled peace talks with Taliban militants following numerous months of relative calm in the Afghan capital.

On Thursday, the head of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency resigned more than a row with Ghani, in a move that underlined the divisions amongst leaders of the country’s safety apparatus.

The Taliban has been caught up with a bloody internal energy struggle but it has nonetheless been in a position to mount well-coordinated attacks on targets across the nation.

Militants have stepped up the insurgency following the withdrawal of international forces from combat operations last year, attaining a series of successes, like seizing the northern city of Kunduz in September.

(Further reporting by James Mackenzie and by Inmaculada Sanz in MADRID Editing by Louise Ireland)

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Opponents of Syria’s Assad agree joint group for peace talks

RIYADH Opponents of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad agreed on Thursday to bring with each other political and armed factions in a single physique in preparation for attainable peace talks with his government, an opposition member said.

The opposition meeting in Riyadh comes amid escalating conflict in Syria and accelerated diplomacy to uncover a political resolution to a war which has drawn in regional military powers and driven millions of refugees to seek safety abroad.

Delegates from Islamist insurgent groups, exiled political opposition figures and Damascus-based activists are aiming to bridge variations which have plagued preceding attempts to unite Assad’s opponents about a frequent method.

The conference agreed on Wednesday that Assad and his lieutenants must play no component in a transition to democracy.

Monzer Akbik, a member of the National Coalition opposition group, said the Riyadh conference had agreed to set up a 25-strong leadership group, which includes six coalition members, six from rebel factions, five from a Damascus-based group and eight independent figures.

“These are representatives of all the opposition factions, political and military, and they are going to be the choice makers in terms of the political settlement,” said Akbik.

He was speaking from the United Arab Emirates after becoming briefed on Thursday morning’s talks. A separate negotiating team of 15 members would also be appointed, he told Reuters.

There was no immediate indication of agreement on the figures who would be chosen to fill these positions, and a single delegate highlighted the potential difficulties that remained. “Only God knows” if delegates could agree on names, he said.


Akbik mentioned that bringing the armed rebels collectively with the political opposition in a single group was a essential step for negotiations with the government.

“During the negotiation process you may possibly require to attain a ceasefire agreement, and this requires that the armed factions be component of the negotiating process,” he mentioned.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking in Paris, stated the Riyadh talks appeared to be “very constructive” and making progress. “I think everybody is moving in the direction that they want to quickly get to a political process,” he mentioned.

“So we created progress but we have some difficult concerns to get over,” he stated. A attainable Dec. 18 meeting to advance the Syrian peace talks in New York is “not locked in yet” and sides are awaiting the outcome of the Saudi conference, he added.

At the Riyadh talks a declaration of principles was nevertheless getting drafted, a rebel commander mentioned.

Yet another commander added that there was agreement on keeping Syria united, on the departure of foreign forces and militias and that there must be no sectarian quotas in Syria’s government, which a political opposition leader also confirmed.

The role that Islam must play in a future Syria, and what status the country’s religious and ethnic minorities will have, has been a point of contention among the country’s rebel groups which include hardline Islamists.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stated he hoped the opposition would come together in Riyadh to a enough degree to “move the globe to impose the required pressure to reach a peaceful settlement” in Syria.

“Bashar al-Assad has two options. Either he leaves through negotiations and this is the quickest, easiest and ideal for everybody, or he will leave by way of fighting due to the fact the Syrian men and women reject that this man stays in energy,” he mentioned.

International efforts to resolve the conflict which has killed 250,000 people and displaced 12 million have been lent added urgency by a wave of deadly attacks across the planet claimed by the Iraq- and Syria-primarily based Islamic State and by an escalating refugee flow which has triggered a crisis in Europe.

Major powers agreed in Vienna final month to revive diplomatic efforts to finish the war, calling for peace talks to begin by January and elections inside two years.


The conference agreed on Wednesday, the 1st day of the meeting, that Assad and his lieutenants must play no part in the transition to democracy, a number of delegates stated.

That marked a tougher stance than several Western countries which back Assad’s opponents. The United States, France and Britain all known as for Assad to step down shortly after protests broke out against his rule in March 2011.

Despite the fact that they all say Assad ultimately should go, they have been significantly less distinct about the timing of any departures, indicating that they could accept he keep in an interim period.

Assad’s fate was one of many questions left unresolved at the Vienna meeting final month which was attended by Russia, the United States, European and Middle Eastern countries which includes Saudi Arabia and Iran, which back opposing sides in Syria.

Saudi Arabia is a primary backer of the rebels along with Turkey and Western countries. Iran and Russia help Assad. Iran has openly criticized the selection by Saudi Arabia to hold the talks, saying they had been made to harm the Vienna procedure.

Russia launched air strikes in Syria 10 weeks ago, helping the Syrian army – backed by Iranian troops, Hezbollah fighters and allied militia – to contain rebel advances.

Russia says it is bombing Islamic State militants, who control massive locations of eastern Syria and western Iraq, but Western and Arab states which have been carrying out air strikes against Islamic State for a lot more than a year say the Russia jets have mostly hit other rebel forces in the west of Syria.

Moscow’s intervention has not swung the war decisively Assad’s way and a number of Western-backed rebel groups, some of whom were represented in Riyadh, have been emboldened by the elevated flow of foreign-supplied anti-tank missiles which have helped stem parts of the army’s counter-offensive.

(Added reporting by Tom Perry in Beirut, Suleiman al-Khalidi in Amman, Sami Aboudi and Dominic Evans in Dubai, editing by Peter Millership)

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Gulf states get in touch with for Yemen reconstruction meeting right after peace deal

RIYADH Gulf Arab states called on Thursday for an international reconstruction conference for Yemen following any peace deal to finish the country’s civil war.

The get in touch with came in a statement by Gulf Cooperation Council leaders at the conclusion of their summit meeting in the Saudi capital Riyadh, which was study out by GCC Secretary-Common Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani.

Yemeni warring parties are due to gather in Switzerland next week for U.N.-sponsored peace talks to finish a civil war that had killed nearly 6,000 people.

(Reporting by Sami Aboudi Editing by Dominic Evans)

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Yemen president confirms proposed 7-day ceasefire for peace talks

UNITED NATIONS Yemen’s president told the United Nations on Monday that he has asked the Saudi-led coalition to start a 7-day ceasefire on Dec. 15 to coincide with U.N.-sponsored peace talks aimed at ending months of fighting that has killed almost six,000 individuals.

“I have notified the leadership of the Coalition of our intention to cease fire for a period of seven days, beginning December 15 till December 21,” President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said in a letter to U.N. Secretary-Common Ban Ki-moon.

“This will coincide with the beginning of consultations and will automatically be renewed upon commitment by the (Iran-backed) Houthis,” he added.

An unofficial English translation of Hadi’s letter to Ban was attached to the Arabic original.

Hadi’s letter, which it said was also sent to the U.N. Security Council, confirmed remarks created earlier on Monday by U.N. particular envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, who mentioned Hadi’s Saudi-backed exiled government and the Houthis were committed to the peace method laid down by the Security Council in April.

“I hope you would inform the U.N. envoy of the require to ensure that the Houthis would respect the ceasefire, and to take practical steps to guarantee adherence to the permanent ceasefire, so that the Coalition forces would not deal with any breach of the ceasefire,” Hadi said.

He added that the ceasefire came “out of our want to develop an atmosphere for the good results of the U.N.-led consultations that the government intends to participate (in) in the coming days, and in order to assist avoid additional bloodshed and expand the healthcare and humanitarian relief efforts.”

Forces loyal to Hadi, backed by air strikes and ground forces from a mostly Gulf Arab coalition, have been locked for nine months in a civil war with the Houthis, who rule the capital Sanaa and other cities.

Preceding U.N.-mediated negotiations to end the conflict via dialogue failed as battles rage across the country and Saudi-led warplanes bomb positions of the Houthi group and its Yemeni army allies.

Earlier attempts at ceasefires in the conflict fell apart after the two sides accused each and every other of violations.

Senior U.N. officials have stated that Yemen, which was already in dire need of help before the conflict, is facing a serious humanitarian crisis, which has been exacerbated by a Saudi-led naval blockade.

(Reporting by Louis Charbonneau Editing by Sandra Maler and Ken Wills)

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Yemen humanitarian ceasefire anticipated in days, ahead of peace talks: official

DUBAI Yemen’s warring parties are anticipated to announce a humanitarian ceasefire within days ahead of U.N.-sponsored talks to end a civil war that has killed practically 6,000 folks, an official from President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government stated on Monday.

The United Nations specific envoy to Yemen has met Hadi in Aden and Houthi officials in the Omani capital Muscat with a proposed agenda for the talks, which Hadi’s foreign minister Abdel-Malek al-Mekhlafi mentioned would start on Dec. 15.

“The Houthis have authorized the agenda blueprint,” an official in Hadi’s office told Reuters. “Inside days a humanitarian ceasefire will be declared and actions to free prisoners and lifting the siege on the cities would commence.”

Forces loyal to Hadi, backed by air strikes and ground forces from a mostly Gulf Arab coalition, have been locked for nine months in a civil war with the Houthis, who rule the capital Sanaa and other cities.

The Houthi spokesman, in a posting on his Facebook web page, confirmed that his group had discussed “the venue and the date for the talks planned for the middle of this month” with the U.N. envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

“Ways for a ceasefire and subsequent self-assurance-creating methods had been also discussed, and we expressed our openness to conduct a responsible and severe dialogue,” the spokesman, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, added, with out supplying specifics.

Prior U.N.-mediated negotiations to finish the conflict by way of dialogue failed as battles rage across the nation and Saudi-led warplanes bomb positions of the Houthi group and its Yemeni army allies.

The proposed agenda for the talks stipulates quick self-confidence-developing measures, including the release of the Yemeni defense minister captured by the Houthis in March, lifting a siege of cities and other population centers, and suspending recruitment of youngsters to fight in the conflict.

Hadi’s supporter say Houthi forces are besieging the city of Taiz, north of Aden. The Houthis say the Saudi-led coalition is successfully placing significantly of the country under siege by closing off its air space and sea ports.

The peace talks would be aimed at implementing a U.N. Security Council resolution adopted in April, which offers for the restoration of the Yemeni government and withdrawal of Houthi forces from the cities.

(Reporting By Mohammed Ghobari, Writing by Sami Aboudi Editing by Dominic Evans)

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Yemen peace talks to convene December 15, Yemeni minister tells Saudi Tv

ADEN, Yemen United Nations-backed peace talks aimed at ending eight months of civil war in Yemen amongst an Iranian-allied militia group and the embattled Saudi-backed government will convene on Dec. 15, Saudi-owned Television quoted Yemen’s foreign minister as saying.

“Consultations on the implementation of Resolution 2216 will be held on Dec. 15,” the network quoted Abdel-Malek al-Mekhlafi as saying in a news flash, referring to a U.N. Security Council choice calling for Yemen’s dominant Houthi militia to quit main cities.

The U.N. envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, met President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Saturday to discuss prospects for peace talks in between his embattled Aden-primarily based government and Houthi forces, the president’s workplace said.

Forces loyal to Hadi backed by mainly Gulf Arab states have been locked in eight months of civil war with the Houthis who rule the capital Sanaa.

Previous U.N.-mediated negotiations to finish the conflict by way of dialogue failed as battles rage across the country and Saudi-led warplanes bomb positions of Yemen’s ascendant Houthi group and its Yemeni army allies.

Earlier on Saturday, Hadi stated in a statement he welcomed talks, which are anticipated to take place in Geneva.

“In spite of the suffering and wounds, our hands are usually outstretched for peace primarily based on national and humanitarian responsibilities toward our folks,” Hadi was quoted as saying after meeting the envoy.

It is the 1st time the envoy has paid an official visit to Aden, which Hadi declared the temporary capital following Arab coalition forces seized it from the Houthis in July.

But the government and its Gulf allies have struggled to impose their authority in the city, which teems with shadowy gunmen who carried out two shootings on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said attackers on motor bikes shot dead Muhsin Alwan, a prominent judge in an anti-terrorism court, and his two sons inside a supermarket in the Aden district of Mansura. Gunmen killed a military police colonel in Mualla neighborhood earlier in the day.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and more not too long ago Yemen’s branch of Islamic State have claimed credit for attacks in Aden.


The Houthi group swept Hadi from energy in February as portion of what it known as a revolution against corruption and accused Hadi of being beholden to Saudi Arabia and the West.

Gulf Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia intervened as the civil war worsened in March, fearing the group was acting as a proxy for its regional rival Iran, but producing few gains toward retaking the capital in a war that has killed over five,700 men and women.

Mistrust runs deep in between Yemen’s warring parties, with the Houthis believing the government desires to take back energy by force and Hadi officials saying that the Houthis are refusing to withdraw from principal cities as necessary by the U.N. Security Council Resolution passed in March.

“The government is ready for talks but the other side is not, and its actions on the ground contradict their statements that they assistance a peaceful remedy,” foreign minister al-Mekhlafi told Reuters.

(Reporting By Mohammed Ghobari, Mohammed Mukhashaf and Ahmed Tolba Writing by Noah Browning Editing by Dominic Evans, Richard Balmforth and Chris Reese)

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Iran says Riyadh meeting of Syrian opposition could harm peace talks: Fars

ANKARA Iran said a meeting of Syrian opposition figures in Riyadh will lead to failure of Syrian peace talks among significant Western and Middle Eastern countries, the semi-official Fars news agency quoted a senior official as saying on Thursday.

“The peace talks are an chance to find a political solution to finish the war in Syria … such meetings in Riyadh … are aimed at harming the Vienna talks,” deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian told Fars.

“The meeting in Riyadh … will lead to the failure of Vienna peace talks on Syria and it is not element of Vienna agreement.”

Iran’s Sunni regional rival, Saudi Arabia, has invited 65 Syrian opposition figures to gather in Riyadh to try to bring with each other rival groups ahead of subsequent round of Syrian peace talks.

The first two rounds of the Syria peace talks were held in Vienna. In a November meeting on Syria in Vienna, participants agreed on a political procedure top to elections in Syria inside two years, but variations remained on essential concerns such as President Bashar al-Assad’s fate.

The United States, its Gulf allies and Turkey say Assad, whose crackdown on initially peaceful protests in 2011 triggered the war, have to step down as component of any eventual peace deal.

Iran and Russia back the Syrian president, saying that worldwide powers should not impose their political will on Syria.

“Only Syrian people need to choose about their country’s fate,” stated Amirabdollahian, echoing Iran’s official stance.

The disunity among the Syrian opposition has been a hurdle in searching for a peaceful answer to the Syrian war that has killed more than 250,000 men and women and displaced millions.

(Writing by Parisa Hafezi Editing by Sandra Maler)

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EU says continues Mideast peace part in spite of Israel move

BRUSSELS EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday and the European Union said it would continue its role in Middle East peace diplomacy in spite of Israel saying it was suspending make contact with.

Asked about Israel’s move on Sunday to suspend contact with the EU over the bloc’s reinforcement of labeling guidelines on imports from Israeli settlements in the West Bank, a European Commission spokeswoman said Mogherini met Netanyahu in Paris on the sidelines of the global climate conference.

“EU-Israel relations are very good, broad and deep and this will continue,” the spokeswoman told a news briefing in Brussels, playing down the labeling decision as merely the implementation of an current policy currently being enforced by some EU states.

“When it comes to the Middle East peace process, the EU continues and will continue to perform on this in the Quartet with our partners with both parties because of course peace in the Middle East is of interest to the entire international community,” the spokesman added.

The European Union is one of the 4 members of the Quartet of peace brokers, along with the United Nations, United States and Russia.

(Reporting by Alastair Macdonald editing by Philip Blenkinsop)

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Israel suspends EU role in peace procedure with Palestinians

JERUSALEM Israel said on Sunday it was suspending contacts with European Union bodies involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians right after the bloc started requiring the labeling of exports from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the foreign ministry to carry out “a reassessment of the involvement of EU bodies in every little thing that is connected to the diplomatic procedure with the Palestinians”, a ministry statement mentioned.

“Until completion of the reassessment, the Prime Minister has ordered a suspension of diplomatic contacts with the EU and its representatives in this matter.”

The EU published new guidelines on Nov. 11 for labeling products made in Israeli settlements, a move Brussels said was technical but which Israel branded “discriminatory” and damaging to peace efforts with the Palestinians.

Drawn up over 3 years by the European Commission, the guidelines imply Israeli producers need to explicitly label farm goods and other products that come from settlements built on land occupied by Israel if they are sold in the European Union.

The EU’s position is that the lands Israel has occupied because the 1967 Middle East war – which includes the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights – are not element of the internationally recognized borders of Israel.

As such, goods from there cannot be labeled “Created in Israel” and should be labeled as coming from settlements, which the EU considers illegal beneath international law.

Soon after the EU announcement, Netanyahu called it “hypocritical and a double normal”, saying the EU was not taking comparable steps in hundreds of territorial conflicts elsewhere in the globe.

“The European Union should be ashamed of itself,” he stated while on an official check out in Washington earlier this month. “We do not accept the truth that Europe is labeling the side becoming attacked by terrorist acts.”


The development of settlements has been a single of the obstacles to negotiations in between Israel and the Palestinians. U.S.-backed peace talks stalled in April 2014.

“It’s an indication of origin, not a warning label,” the EU ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, told Reuters right after the bloc’s choice was announced.

Britain, Belgium and Denmark currently affix labels to Israeli goods, differentiating amongst these from Israel proper and these, specifically fruit and vegetables, that come from the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

Following the decision, all 28 EU member states will have to apply the same labeling.

Israel’s economy ministry estimated this would affect goods worth about $ 50 million a year, such as grapes and dates, wine, poultry, honey, olive oil and cosmetics produced from Dead Sea minerals.

That is around a fifth of the $ 200-$ 300 million worth of goods produced in settlements each year, but a drop in the ocean subsequent to the $ 30 billion of goods and solutions traded annually among Israel and the European Union.

Israeli farmers and wine growers in the West Bank have expressed worry about the impact on their enterprise and some have begun diversifying into markets in Russia and Asia to escape EU rules.

In its statement, the Israeli foreign ministry mentioned contacts with person EU nations – it named Germany, France and Britain – would not be affected by Sunday’s announcement.

A ministry official said Israel would cease assisting EU-sponsored projects intended for the Palestinians, but no particular instances or bodies have been named.

(Extra reporting by Luke Baker, and Robin Emmott in Brussels, writing by Ori Lewis, Editing by Mark Trevelyan and Richard Balmforth)

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