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FBI probes Blatter bribe scandal part

The FBI is investigating the part played by Fifa president Sepp Blatter in a $ 100m (£66.2m) bribes scandal, a BBC investigation has found.

Sports advertising company ISL paid a total of $ 100m to officials including former Fifa president Joao Havelange and ex-Fifa executive Ricardo Teixeira.

In return, ISL was granted profitable television and marketing and advertising rights throughout the 1990s.

Blatter denied knowing about the bribes and took no action.

He even permitted Teixeira to take component in the notorious vote for the 2018 and 2022 Planet Cups.

‘Full knowledge’

Panorama reporter Andrew Jennings has seen a letter obtained by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation which casts doubt on Blatter’s denial.

The letter, apparently written by Havelange, talks about the payments he received from ISL. It says Blatter had “complete understanding of all activities” and was “usually apprised” of them.

The letter is integrated in an FBI request to the Swiss authorities for assist with their investigation. They ask for the file of an earlier Swiss investigation into the ISL bribes and they say “among other issues, the prosecutor is investigating Havelange’s statements implicating Blatter”.

In 2010, Blatter suppressed a Swiss legal obtaining that both Havelange and Teixeria had received bribes from ISL. In 2013, Blatter told a Fifa ethics committee inquiry he was unaware of the bribery. He was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Blatter, who says he will stand down as head of football’s world governing physique in February 2016, declined to respond to any allegations put to him.

The 79-year-old is currently serving a provisional 90-day suspension from Fifa and faces a hearing with the body’s ethics judge in mid-December.

Joao Havelange

Joao Havelange (right) served as Fifa president from 1974 to 1998

Damian Collins MP tells Panorama Blatter’s behaviour was extraordinary. He says: “You have to ask oneself why did he seek to shield these individuals, and not just shield them but permit them to continue to play an active role in some of Fifa’s most crucial choices?”

The programme also reveals new evidence about how significantly income the Qataris spent winning the proper to host the 2022 Planet Cup.

Ongoing investigation

Lord Triesman, a former Football Association chairman, was offered the figure by sources close to British intelligence.

“I was told by two sources that have usually been extremely reputable with great information, good intelligence, that the sum that Qatar had spent on their bid was £117m.”

This is six instances what England spent on its bid for the 2018 World Cup, and virtually 12 occasions the American expenditure on their 2022 bid.

Qatar’s bid chairman did not respond to correspondence from Panorama.

A model of the Al-Wakra football stadium in Qatar

The BBC has been told that Qatar spent £117m on their effective Planet Cup bid

Lord Triesman stated: “I take the simple view that it ought to be possible when you look at the money that people have spent to know specifically how it was spent and no matter whether it was genuine or not.

“In a way the issue is that, goodness knows, it is not transparent enough for any individual to know.”

Last Thursday, US lawyer common Loretta Lynch announced a further 16 Fifa officials and associates have been indicted as portion of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the organisation.

Gary Lineker, who supported England’s 2018 World Cup bid, tells Panorama: “It makes me really feel nauseous at the levels of corruption in a sport that has been a huge portion of my life and is a enormous part of numerous people’s lives proper around the globe.

“Part of me hopes that with almost everything getting so clearly rotten, we can come out and somehow start off once more and, and correct it. ”

Panorama: Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Me is on BBC A single at 20:30 GMT on Monday, 7 December and offered to watch later by means of BBC iPlayer

Exclusive: U.S. puts request for bigger Turkish air part on hold

WASHINGTON Considering that Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet last week, the United States has quietly put on hold a lengthy-standing request for its NATO ally to play a a lot more active role in the U.S.-led air war against Islamic State.

The move, disclosed to Reuters by a U.S. official, is aimed at permitting just adequate time for heightened Turkey-Russia tensions to ease. Turkey has not flown any coalition air missions in Syria against Islamic State since the Nov. 24 incident, two U.S. officials mentioned.

The pause is the newest complication over Turkey’s function to have tested the patience of U.S. war planners, who want a a lot more assertive Turkish contribution — specifically in securing a section of border with Syria that is noticed as a essential provide route for Islamic State.

As Britain begins strikes in Syria and France ramps up its part in the wake of last month’s attacks on Paris by the extremist group, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter publicly appealed this week for a higher Turkish military role.

The best U.S. priority is for Turkey to safe its southern border with Syria, the first official stated. U.S. concern is focused on a roughly 60-mile (98-km) stretch used by Islamic State to shuttle foreign fighters and illicit trade back and forth.

But the United States also desires to see far more Turkish air strikes devoted to Islamic State, even as Washington firmly supports Ankara’s strikes against Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers Celebration (PKK), viewed by each countries as a terrorist group.

Carter told a congressional hearing this week that most Turkish air operations have been targeted at the PKK rather than at Islamic State, but U.S. officials acknowledge some promising signs from Turkey, like moves to secure key border crossings.

For example, Turkish F-16 fighter jets last month joined an air operation to assistance Syrian rebels taking back two villages from Islamic State along the so-known as Mara Line, a senior Obama administration official told reporters, speaking on situation of anonymity.

The United States does not give information on the quantity or sort of missions performed by Turkish air force flights in Syria.

Turkey rejects any suggestion it is not playing its component in the fight against ISIL.

  “We have taken part in at least half of the operations,” a senior Turkish official told Reuters. “Apart from that, Turkey takes portion in identifying targets and offering logistics and bases. We are in close cooperation with the U.S.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin branded Turkey’s shoot-down a war crime on Thursday and mentioned Turkey would face additional sanctions. Moscow has already banned some Turkish food imports as portion of a wider package of retaliatory sanctions.

The United States hopes that tensions among Moscow and Ankara will ease rapidly, permitting Turkey to take a more prominent role inside the U.S.-led coalition’s air campaign, the very first official mentioned.

The Pentagon declined to comment on the status of Turkish flights given that the shoot-down. Two Turkish officials declined to straight comment but stressed that Turkey remained portion of the air coalition.

“For us practically nothing has changed,” a senior Turkish official told Reuters.

U.S. officials stressed that overall coalition air operations had been unaffected by the tensions in between Turkey and Russia.

There is debate inside the Obama administration on how challenging to push Turkey. U.S. officials broadly acknowledge its assistance has been crucial to the U.S.-led campaign in Syria, permitting the coalition to stage strike missions out of a Turkish air base.

Turkey, for its component, has grown frustrated over the past handful of years at what it sees as indecision on the element of the United States and its Western allies, arguing that only Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s removal from energy can bring lasting peace.

(Extra reporting by Nick Tattersall in Istanbul and Jonathan Landay in Washington editing by Stuart Grudgings.)

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U.S. yet to agree details on new force’s part in Iraq: officials

WASHINGTON The United States has but to agree with Baghdad on essential specifics governing the part of a new American particular forces unit aimed at hunting Islamic State militants in Iraq, U.S. officials said, underlining the troubles Washington faces dealing with Iraq’s weakened leader.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on Tuesday the planned deployment of the modest force, whose raids against Islamic State targets would be the first sustained military operations by U.S. forces in Iraq given that American combat troops left in 2011.

U.S. officials said it had been discussed and coordinated with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

But Iraq’s ruling alliance and strong Shi’ite militias have warned against the strategy, raising doubts more than regardless of whether Abadi has the political clout to safe a final agreement.

In comments that may possibly have been intended mostly for public consumption at home, Abadi stated hours soon after Carter’s announcement that any such deployment would demand his government’s consent. On Thursday, he mentioned that any deployment of foreign ground troops would be deemed an “act of aggression.”

U.S. officials stressed that there will be no unilateral American military operations in Iraq, unlike in neighboring Syria. But precisely how a lot say Abadi will have more than the unit’s activities, and how much freedom of action the Americans will have, is still undecided. Possessing Abadi sign off just before every single raid would be cumbersome, U.S. officials think, and crimp the new unit’s effectiveness.

The Obama administration plans to send a group to Baghdad in coming weeks to sort out the specifics with Iraq’s government, officials stated.

“With Abadi, a core fundamental principle of ours in this whole issue is that almost everything we do in Iraq is with complete consent and coordination with the Iraqi government,” a senior administration official stated. “So we will not be carrying out something in Iraq unilaterally.”

It is unclear if the unresolved inquiries will prompt a delay in the dispatch of about 100 elite U.S. Special Operations Forces to Iraq, which Carter mentioned would launch raids in both Syria and Iraq to safe hostages, collect intelligence and capture Islamic State leaders.


The sturdy resistance to the program in Iraq highlights a dilemma for U.S. President Barack Obama.

He desires to do far more to fight Islamic State, accountable for the current deadly attacks in Paris, Egypt and elsewhere, and which controls swathes of Syria and Iraq. But he also does not want to undermine U.S. ally Abadi, whose energy is severely circumscribed by the Shi’ite militias.

Abadi has been under mounting U.S. pressure to rein in the Iranian-backed armed groups, angering the forces who get pleasure from assistance from several of Iraq’s majority Shi’ites and which have also been a bulwark against Islamic State.

Under one alternative becoming regarded for the force, Abadi and his government would give their assent for the U.S. specific operators to conduct raids in a offered location against a pre-agreed list of targets.

That would enable U.S. forces to be far more nimble-footed in acting on time-sensitive intelligence. Abadi would likely be notified just before, or as, every raid is launched – but not sign off on a mission-by-mission basis.

“There are methods to make these factors perform,” stated the senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity.

Another key query is whether or not Baghdad will be brought into the image on raids the United States conducts exclusively with Kurdish Peshmerga forces, provided that the Kurds often insist on acting independently from the Iraqi military.

The likelihood, the U.S. officials said, is that Abadi would at least be briefed in advance on high-profile operations with Kurdish fighters — as occurred with an October rescue mission that freed dozens of hostages from an Islamic State jail — but not so for much more routine raids.

In Baghdad, exactly where memories of the U.S. occupation remain fresh, Shi’ite lawmakers have threatened to question Abadi in parliament more than the planned American deployment, and even to seek a no-self-assurance vote in his leadership.

Calls by two senior U.S. senators, Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham, even though visiting Baghdad on Nov. 29 to triple U.S. force levels in Iraq to ten,000 — with an equal number in Syria — also heightened Iraqis’ suspicions.

“If they stopped providing these statements and they do it with the government, they could send not just 100 – maybe 500 with out anyone rejecting,” mentioned Sami Askari, a senior lawmaker from Abadi’s State of Law coalition.

“But when they come in public and say we will send 10,000, we need to have to send ground troops, everybody will say what’s going on?” Askari mentioned.

Washington recognizes that Carter’s announcement could add to Abadi’s political troubles, one more U.S. official said.

The Obama administration hopes that its expressed willingness to seek the advice of with Abadi on the deployment could assist preserve Shi’ite hardliners at bay, the official mentioned.

Secretary of State John Kerry stated on Wednesday that “We will continue to perform very, quite closely with our Iraqi partners on exactly who would be deployed, exactly where they would be deployed, what sorts of missions men and women would undertake.”

(Further reporting by Jeff Mason in Washington and Stephen Kalin in Baghdad. Editing by Stuart Grudgings)

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EU says continues Mideast peace part in spite of Israel move

BRUSSELS EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday and the European Union said it would continue its role in Middle East peace diplomacy in spite of Israel saying it was suspending make contact with.

Asked about Israel’s move on Sunday to suspend contact with the EU over the bloc’s reinforcement of labeling guidelines on imports from Israeli settlements in the West Bank, a European Commission spokeswoman said Mogherini met Netanyahu in Paris on the sidelines of the global climate conference.

“EU-Israel relations are very good, broad and deep and this will continue,” the spokeswoman told a news briefing in Brussels, playing down the labeling decision as merely the implementation of an current policy currently being enforced by some EU states.

“When it comes to the Middle East peace process, the EU continues and will continue to perform on this in the Quartet with our partners with both parties because of course peace in the Middle East is of interest to the entire international community,” the spokesman added.

The European Union is one of the 4 members of the Quartet of peace brokers, along with the United Nations, United States and Russia.

(Reporting by Alastair Macdonald editing by Philip Blenkinsop)

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Voice of Paris attacks Did he have bigger part?

PARIS/ALENCON, France The voice that claimed Islamic State was responsible for the deadly Paris attacks is recognized to several in the small French provincial town of Alencon.

To loved ones, Fabien Clain was a “big teddy bear”, to neighbors he was polite and at the local mosque he was a fellow worshipper who came to pray.

To the French authorities, he was a veteran jihadi jailed as soon as in the previous for recruiting militant fighters and believed by them to have fled to Syria this year. They now believe he may have played a bigger function in the Nov. 13 attacks, the worst in France considering that Globe War Two.

In the on-line audio message detailing the assaults and claiming they have been orchestrated by Islamic State, Clain’s voice sounds haunting and triumphant. He warns the massacre “is only the starting of the storm”.

Investigators are now hunting at what Clain’s part may be and how it fits with that of Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, whom they believe to be a ringleader. Police are now asking whether Clain could have been far more important.

“There is no definitive situation, every little thing is becoming looked at,” a source close to the investigation said. A police source added: “It’s feasible. I would not be surprised.”

A judicial supply familiar with anti-terror instances went additional: “When you make a claim like that (for the attacks), you are in the operational ranks,” the supply stated.

Police are also seeking into Clain’s younger brother Jean-Michel, who authorities say sings on the 5-minute recording.

Investigators are unsure no matter whether the two brothers are now in Europe or Syria.

Originating from the French territory of La Reunion, the 37- and 35-year-old siblings have previously been linked to radical cells in France and Belgium, according to judicial sources.

Their names have appeared in investigations into planned attacks, like one particular foiled on churches in a Paris suburb this year and a preceding suspected plot on the Bataclan music hall, a single of the bloodiest scenes in the Nov. 13 carnage.

It is the elder Clain, who goes by the name Omar, who is the major concentrate for French authorities. Only six years ago, he was jailed for recruiting jihadis to fight in Iraq.

Clain converted to Islam in the late 1990s. Like his younger brother, he is believed by French police to have grow to be radicalised in the early 2000s when he lived in the southern city of Toulouse where he frequented radical networks and played a role in the militant recruitment “Artigat cell”. Members of that cell were believed to have been mentored by Salafist preacher Olivier Corel, known locally as the “white emir”.

A French national of Syrian origin, Corel, who lives in the Pyrenees village of Artigat, is also believed by French police and intelligence to have mentored gunman Mohamed Merah, who killed seven individuals in March 2012.

“It is possible (that the brothers ranked above Abaaoud for the Nov. 13 attacks) due to the fact they have been involved in radical movements for a long time,” a police source stated. “Abaaoud was still young when they had been currently component of the Artigat cell.”

As element of a safety operation targeting Islamists beneath the state of emergency imposed in France following the attacks, police raided Corel’s house this week, handing him a suspended jail sentence for possessing a hunting rifle. He is not believed to have any hyperlink to the Paris attacks.


Born on Jan. 30, 1978 on France’s Indian Ocean island La Reunion, Fabien Clain moved as a child to Alencon in southern Normandy exactly where he grew up with his brother and two sisters.

He returned to La Reunion as a teenager ahead of ultimately coming back to Alencon, where he married a school pal, Mylene. The brothers converted their loved ones to Islam and when they moved to Toulouse, their wives wore the niqab veil over their faces, an uncommon sight in the city back then.

On Copains d’avant, a French social web site comparable to Friends Reunited, Clain’s profile lists him as living in “Toulouse, Egypt”. Judicial sources say each brothers studied Arabic in the north African nation in the mid 2000s.

It is unclear when the page was final updated. It also characteristics class photos, lists history and basketball as hobbies and the words “Nonetheless right here, thanks be to God”.

Clain also lived in Belgium, where French President Francois Hollande has mentioned the Nov. 13 attacks were organized, for about a year in 2004, according to a judicial source.

Back then, the older brother was currently suspected of being component of a group of radicals from France living in Belgium, the source mentioned.

Authorities started investigating the Artigat cell some ten years ago when Syrian police arrested two Frenchmen trying to cross the border into Iraq as component of an Al Qaeda cell.

A single member of the cell, Sabri Essid, who is Merah’s half brother, took component in “physical coaching sessions” with Clain, according to other members questioned by police, an additional judicial supply mentioned.

Both he and Clain had been sentenced to five years in jail in 2009. Jean-Michel was questioned for four days but released with no charges.

Also in 2009, French authorities opened an investigation into a plot to attack the Bataclan, exactly where the bloodiest of the Nov. 13, 2015 attacks took location. There was not adequate proof and the investigation was sooner or later dropped in September 2012.

But the Clain brothers’ name came up when the main suspect, a Belgian man of Tunisian origin, told police he was “very close” to them and that they had introduced him to a jihadi forum recognized for making use of tactics to avoid detection.

Another witness in the Artigat investigation told police Clain had “a correct talent for converting folks”, according to judicial sources.   

Clain spent 3 years in jail. He was behind bars when Merah carried out his killing spree in March 2012. Judicial and police sources believe the two had robust ties.

Samia Maktouf, a lawyer for one of the Merah victim’s households, mentioned she had asked prosecutors to query guys linked to the Artigat cell, which includes Clain, but her request was not heeded.

“Everybody believed this was a sleeping cell,” she stated.

However in September 2012, police opened an investigation into Artigat members fleeing to Syria. It is nonetheless under way these days.

Essid reappeared in an Islamic State video this year in which a child shot dead a man.

“I Don’t KNOW HIM ANY More”

Banned in 22 French districts right after his release from jail, Clain returned to Alencon with his wife and kids in 2012.

At a small apartment complex on the town’s outskirts, a buzzer on the 3-storey constructing nonetheless bears his name. Inside, his letter box is complete.

Last week, police raided the Alencon flat of his cousin and restricted her movements, telling her to regularly verify in.

“When I heard the audio, I was so shocked,” the cousin, who spoke on condition her name not be employed, told Reuters. “I just don’t understand. I never know him any much more.”

Repeatedly saying she had no hyperlinks to the attacks, the cousin stated she had last seen Clain “at the start of the year”. Neighbors and worshippers at Alencon’s Mahabba mosque, which he attended from late 2012 to early 2015, mentioned they had seen him in February.

“I saw his wife in Could/June when a family members member died. Following that I did not see her,” the cousin mentioned.

“I was in touch as soon as for the kids and when she told me she was there (in Syria) … She said they were nicely.”

Mylene’s mother last saw her daughter in February in Alencon. According to a neighbor, police had seized Mylene’s passport and these of her young children but she nevertheless managed to evade French authorities. When her mother at some point noted her disappearance, she alerted police, but it was also late.

“She is devastated,” the neighbor stated.

Prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation in March into Clain’s disappearance and presumed flight to Syria. This was turned into an official judicial probe in June.

Jean-Michel is also believed to be in Syria with his wife and young children, a police source said, adding there were concerns regardless of whether he was even nevertheless alive, which means he could have recorded his singing beforehand.


Just before he disappeared, Clain sold halal goods such as soap and massage oils in Islamic shops, according to his cousin.

Standing in her doorway and usually in tears, she stated she hardly ever saw Clain and that she spent far more time with his wife and children, typically going shopping with each other or watching tv.

Their family members life was “very centered on religion”.

“He was so type, he would not even hurt a fly. He was like a massive teddy bear … usually smiling, laughing, joking about,” she said. Now she says she has reduce off make contact with.

Other neighbors of Clain paint the image of a robust but quiet neighbor, observed as typically in a robe as in casual clothing.

At the local Mahabba mosque, Clain taught Arabic to young young children for about two weeks, until a 2013 television report linked him to Merah airing their photographs.

“When that picture aired, people began distancing themselves,” Omar Sadequi, head of the Mahabba mosque association, mentioned.

“But you can’t cease folks coming to the mosque.”

Sadequi, who mentioned he had very small contact with Clain, added the mosque banned groupings on its territory.

At a lunchtime worship this week, the few worshippers there recalled seeing Clain, but added they did not actually speak to him.

“He had offered folks the impression that he had changed (following prison),” Sadequi mentioned. “But genuinely, he did not alter at all.”

(Chine Labbe reported for this post from Paris, Further reporting by Gérard Bon in Paris and Julie Rimbert in Toulouse, Writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian, Editing by Andrew Callus and Timothy Heritage)

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Agen Sabung Ayam – Evaluation: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part two,’ Katniss’s Final Battle

Agen Sabung Ayam


Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Portion two.” Credit Murray Close/Lionsgate

Thereâ??s no threat that Katniss Everdeen, the warrior who has led the charge against oppression in â??The Hunger Gamesâ? films, can ever return to her present incarnation. Even if she and her planet are rebooted back into franchise existence by a ravenous studio, her moment was now. Katniss, as played by Jennifer Lawrence more than 3 years and four blockbusters, has evolved from a backwoods scrapper in the initial movie into a battle-scarred champion and an exemplar of female energy on screen and off â?? and the battles sheâ??s fought have extended far beyond the fictional nation of Panem.

So, yes, of course Katniss is back, just as promised by the clumsy title of her final movie, â??The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Portion 1.â? In â??Part two,â? she has returned as destined to finish the fight, defeat the enemy and send off a massive-screen series that has had an astonishing run both in cold-cash terms and in its meaningful symbolism. Sheâ??s ready. Given that 2012, when the 1st film landed, Katniss has grown into her role as a savior, an evolution that parallels that of Ms. Lawrence, who entered the series as a Sundance starlet and leaves it as one particular of the biggest stars in the globe. Both have grown exponentially, rising to the demands of their loving audience.

Continue reading the main story Video

Trailer: â??The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Component 2â??

In the land of Panem, Katniss Everdeen leads a rebellion against the corrupt and tyrannical city, Capitol.

By LionsGate Entertainment on Publish Date July 27, 2015. Photo by World wide web Video Archive. Watch in Occasions Video »

And â??The Hunger Gamesâ? has triumphed partly due to the fact it indicates so a lot of different factors to so several men and women. Itâ??s a story of war and peace, really like and bullets, pegged to a girl-woman who fights for her family members, her friends and the future. Itâ??s aspirational and inspirational, individual and communal, familiar and strange, and it speaks to the previous as properly as the present, sometimes unnervingly so. Suzanne Collins, who wrote the books, took her cues from reality tv, the