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German cabinet approves identity card for refugees

BERLIN Germany’s cabinet agreed on Wednesday to introduce an identity card for refugees as it tries to greater manage the wave of migrants arriving from Syria, Afghanistan and other problems spots.

Around one particular million refugees are expected to arrive in Germany this year and local authorities have struggled to cope with scale and pace of the influx.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come beneath growing criticism by opposition groups and some of her conservative allies for opening up Germany’s borders to Syrian refugees, criticism that has improved because the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.

The cards will include data on refugees’ date and place of birth, nationality and gender, as effectively as a photo and particulars on height and eye colour. Registration centers will also take fingerprints.

“This way we can attempt and greater detect people who are attempting to disguise their identity,” Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere mentioned in a statement.

The government hopes to commence handing the cards out by mid February, when the ID cards have been approved by parliament, with the aim of possessing them fully introduced by next year.

Refugees will need to have an ID card if they want to obtain positive aspects and apply for asylum, de Maiziere mentioned.

“The draft law is a further crucial step to register the folks who are arriving quickly even though ensuring their identity,” he added.

The information will be collected throughout refugees’ 1st contact with the authorities and will be saved in a central register which will be created available to all relevant authorities.

Particulars on well being and vaccinations will also be recorded, as well as data on refugees’ academic and skilled qualifications to support speed up the integration method.

In order to stay away from registering the same person twice, centers will be equipped with finger print matching systems.

(Reporting by Caroline Copley)

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German parliament approves military campaign against Islamic State in Syria

German parliament approves military campaign against Islamic State in Syria | Reuters

World | Fri Dec 4, 2015 eight:26pm EST


BERLIN Germany’s decrease residence of parliament on Friday authorized government plans to join the military campaign against Islamic State in Syria.

Of the 598 lawmakers who took part in the vote, 445 voted for, 146 against and seven abstained.

The mission will contain sending six Tornado reconnaissance jets, a frigate to help defend the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, refueling aircraft and up to 1,200 military personnel. Germany will not join nations like Britain, France, the United States and Russia in conducting airstrikes.

(Reporting by Joseph Nasr Editing by Noah Barkin)


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We must respond to IS threat, German defense minister urges lawmakers

BERLIN Germany’s defense minister appealed to lawmakers on Wednesday to back plans to join the military campaign against Islamic State (IS) insurgents in Syria, arguing that Europe have to not be intimidated by the threat of attacks but respond resolutely.

After a direct French plea for solidarity following IS shootings and bombings in Paris on Nov. 13 which killed 130 individuals, Germany has joined other nations in stepping up its role in the aerial campaign against IS militants in Syria.

Britain’s parliament was probably to vote on Wednesday night to approve air strikes.

Germany, currently arming Iraqi Kurds fighting IS, is stopping quick of joining the United States, France and Russia in air strikes but plans to send up to 1,200 soldiers, six Tornado reconnaissance jets, a frigate and refueling aircraft.

“This mandate is not straightforward. It was a hard choice and we will want patience. It will be a unsafe mission,” warned conservative Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen in presenting the motion to the Bundestag (lower home of parliament).

“But there is a clear answer (to the threat of attacks): we will not let ourselves be cowed,” she stated, to loud applause.

A strong majority for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “grand coalition” of her personal conservatives and the Social Democrats indicates the plans are set to pass in a vote on Friday despite dissent from the pacifist Left celebration and opposition Greens.

In a nation that has been reluctant because Planet War Two to deploy soldiers overseas, the move is substantial.

A Forsa poll showed assistance strengthening among voters for a German function in fighting IS, up at 42 % from 27 percent in February. Opposition to it is nonetheless firm at 54 %, but down from 68 % in February.

Von der Leyen stressed that the military action is embedded in a political approach for a long-term peaceful remedy in Syria, and argued, “You can make mistakes by taking action but you can also make severe errors by not taking action.”

A response is required to quit the cruelty suffered by those slaughtered by Islamic State militants and thrown into mass graves, and by women and young children sold at markets, she said.

The Left’s Dietmar Bartsch voiced concern that joining military action would raise the safety threat for Germany.

“Terror will not be defeated by bombs, by war. Every bomb that falls on Raqqa … motivates new IS fighters,” he mentioned, referring to the de facto capital of the insurgents’ declared “caliphate” in a swathe of Syria they manage.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier dismissed such arguments. “That’s a perfidious logic: seal your self off, turn off the lights, pull down the blinds if terrorists come down the road. Hope they’ll go to the neighbors with brighter lights.”

But Germany’s mass-circulation every day Bild drove property the risks, printing a photo of a captured Jordanian pilot who was burned alive by IS earlier this year. “What takes place if German soldiers fall into IS hands?” it mentioned.

Bild deputy editor Nikolaus Blome wrote that there was no option to the military campaign against IS and a visible contribution from the Germany army, but it would be risky.

“Angela Merkel is taking a large danger and is accountable.”

(Story refiles to fix typo in name to read Blome in penultimate paragraph)

(Reporting by Madeline Chambers Editing by Mark Heinrich)

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Leader of German anti-immigrant celebration calls on Merkel to resign

HANOVER, Germany The leader of Germany’s anti-immigrant AfD celebration, riding a wave of public anger against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s asylum policy, on Saturday known as on her to resign for throwing the country’s doors open to migrants.

“Merkel, step down. You can do it,” Frauke Petry told some 600 AfD supporters, primarily gray-haired guys, placing a new twist on Merkel’s “Wir schaffen das” (We can do it) message to these who doubt Germany can deal with the influx of migrants expected to reach 1 million this year.

Petry, whose Alternative for Germany is enjoying an improbable revival following nearly imploding in a energy struggle, mentioned her party stood a actual possibility of entering three new state parliaments next year and the national parliament for the very first time in 2017.

Petry drew at least four standing ovations with attacks on what she known as Merkel’s undemocratic choice to open Germany’s borders to migrants who are anticipated to reach one particular million this year.

Merkel, who will attend a summit of European Union leaders and Turkey’s prime minister on Sunday on the problem, has resisted pressure from her personal conservatives to cap the number of refugees.

In an address to parliament on Wednesday, she vowed to stick to her open-door refugee policy, defying criticism at property and abroad which has risen due to fears about a potential security risk soon after the Islamist attacks in Paris.

Merkel desires a multi-pronged remedy to the crisis, centered on functioning with other EU nations and Turkey. Other individuals in her ruling coalition want to cap Germany’s refugee intake.

Petry and Joerg Meuthen took more than the AfD from Bernd Lucke, who in July left the party he founded in 2013 to oppose euro zone bailouts, citing a xenophobic shift.

The AfD placed third nationally, at 10.5 percent, for the very first time this month in a survey for pollsters INSA following polling at three per cent following Lucke’s exit. It has been stealing votes from Merkel’s CDU conservatives.

The celebration presented its strategy to finish what it described as “asylum chaos” at a summit in Hanover. About two,500 leftist activists, some carrying banners reading “Racism is no alternative”, staged a demonstration outside the venue.


AfD desires drastically to decrease the number of refugees in Germany by rejecting Syrians and Iraqis who come from “safe third states” like Turkey and Lebanon, and turn down asylum applicants without having identification documents, among other methods.

It also desires to cut to 48 hours the processing time for asylum applications.

Beneath Petry, the AfD has attracted far-appropriate supporters and officials, prompting criticism from the German media and politicians who say it is xenophobic.

Petry stated her celebration was the victim of a defamation campaign and known as the media “the Pinocchio press” and “Luegenpresse” (lying press), a Nazi-era term which anti-immigrant protesters have revived.

She added that the uncontrolled influx of asylum seekers raised the threat of “terror attacks” like in Paris.

AfD won seats in the Hamburg state assembly in February, entering a legislature in western Germany for the very first time, and has considering that also gained seats in Bremen.

It previously had seats in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg in eastern Germany – exactly where resentment against refugees is greatest – and is gaining additional momentum nationally.

Its greatest test will be the federal election in two years. Some pollsters believe it will implode before then, either because of infighting or if the refugee crisis eases.

But co-leader Meuthen said the party was confident of producing into the Bundestag national parliament in two years with 20 per cent of votes.

“There will often be individuals with xenophobic views who will uncover a house in the AfD,” stated professor Hajo Funke of the Cost-free University in Berlin, adding that it was unlikely but possible that the AfD could win seats in the Bundestag parliament.

(Reporting by Joseph Nasr Editing by Richard Balmforth)

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German court says ISPs may possibly have to block music-sharing websites

FRANKFURT Nov 26 Germany’s highest court said Internet service providers could be made responsible for blocking websites offering illegal music downloads, but only if copyright holders showed they had first made reasonable attempts to thwart such piracy by other means.

The federal Supreme Court dismissed two cases brought by music rights society GEMA against Deutsche Telekom and music companies Universal Music, Sony and Warner Music Group against Telefonica’s O2 Deutschland.

It said on Thursday the plaintiffs did not make enough effort to halt the copyright violations in the first place but it said Internet service providers could in principle be held responsible for blocking music illegally available on the Internet, even if the content remained available elsewhere.

GEMA, which acts to protect the rights of the owners of musical works, had demanded that Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s largest telecoms company, block the website “3dl.am” because it offered access to copyright-protected music.

In a separate case, the music companies wanted O2 Deutschland to block access to “goldesel.to,” part of the eDonkey network, a peer-to-peer file-sharing network for music.

The court said in its ruling: “The company that offers Internet access will only be held responsible for blocking the site when the copyright holder has first made reasonable efforts to take action against those who have themselves infringed their rights, like the website operators, or those who have enabled the infringement, like the Web hosting providers.”

The music industry says it loses billions of dollars every year from the illegal downloading of songs, depriving it of the revenue it needs to pay songwriters, artists and talent scouts.

Courts around the world are grappling with the question of who is responsible for copyright infringement through illegal downloads. Google’s YouTube, for example, has been the subject of multiple court cases.

A German court ruled in July that YouTube was only responsible for blocking copyright-infringing videos when they had been brought to its attention, and could not be expected to scan everything on the site.

Deutsche Telekom welcomed the court ruling.

“The Supreme Court has clearly stated that with regard to Internet service providers the reasonableness of a potential blocking has to be subject to strict scrutiny,” the company said in a statement.

Bernhard Rohleder, director of IT industry group Bitkom, said: “The blocking of websites should remain the last resort of network policy. As a measure against copyright infringement, it is quite excessive.” (Reporting by Norbert Demuth, Peter Maushagen, writing by Kirsti Knolle, editing by David Evans)

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German lawmakers to talk about help for France in IS fight

BERLIN Lawmakers from Germany’s ruling parties will meet on Thursday afternoon to go over how Berlin can give much more assistance to France in the fight against Islamic State militants following the deadly attacks in Paris.

French President Francois Hollande asked Germany to offer far more help on Wednesday evening, during a visit by Chancellor Angela Merkel. She promised to “react quite rapidly” to the request.

Lawmakers from her conservative bloc and those from the center-left Social Democrats have been invited to attend separate meetings at five p.m. (1600 GMT) on Thursday to go over the matter.

(Reporting by Thorsten Severin and Holger Hansen Writing by Noah Barkin Editing by Paul Carrel)

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German interior minister calls for European refugee cap: newspaper

Globe | Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:15am EST


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VIENNA Europe ought to set a “generous” limit on the quantity of refugees it requires in a year, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said in a newspaper interview published on Thursday.

“When the quota is filled, there are no additional entries in the year,” he stated in the interview with Austrian newspaper Der Common when asked how his proposal would function.

(Reporting by Francois Murphy Editing by Dominic Evans)

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