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New York attorney general solicits assist from the public in broadband probe

WASHINGTON New York Lawyer General Eric Schneiderman invited the public on Sunday to test the speed of their World wide web and submit the outcomes on the internet as element of an ongoing probe into no matter whether large providers may possibly be short-altering clients with slower-than-advertised speeds.

The workplace launched an investigation into Verizon Communications Inc, Cablevision Systems Corp and Time Warner Cable Inc in October more than the situation.

Schneiderman’s workplace sent the 3 companies letters asking for a assortment of data, like copies of any tests they have accomplished on Web speeds and copies of the disclosures they have produced to their consumers.

On Sunday, Schneiderman said he wanted feedback from the public to help with the investigation.

He announced his workplace has produced a new on-line broadband test on a site known as Internethealthtest.org that will capture a customer’s “throughput” – or the speed at which buyers in fact access Net content.

Right after the test is completed, he said he wants buyers to submit a screenshot of the results and fill out an on the internet form.

“New Yorkers should get the Net speeds they pay for. Too a lot of of us might be paying for a single thing, and getting an additional,” Schneiderman stated in a statement.

The ongoing investigation is especially focused on so-called interconnection arrangements, or contractual deals that World wide web service providers strike with other networks for the mutual exchange of information.

In the October letters, Schneiderman’s workplace said it was concerned that customers paying a premium for greater speeds may be experiencing a disruption in their service due to technical troubles and enterprise disputes more than interconnection agreements.

All 3 companies have previously stated they are confident in their Net speeds and will perform with the attorney general’s workplace to offer the data requested and help in the investigation.

(Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch Editing by Alan Crosby)

EU border force program faces resistance from governments

BRUSSELS A proposal to give the European Union executive the energy to send forces unbidden into member states to defend the common European frontier will face resistance from some nations when it is published this week.

The European Commission desires to be capable to deploy personnel from a new European Border and Coastguard Agency with no, as presently needed, the consent of the state concerned, EU officials told Reuters in early December, reflecting frustration with Greek reluctance to seek assist with migrants.

EU officials call the strategy a largely theoretical “nuclear alternative” and stress that any infringement of national sovereignty would be balanced by the energy of a majority of member states to block Commission intervention – similar to checks agreed throughout the euro debt crisis.

The Commission will set out the program on Tuesday to reinforce its Frontex agency with up to six instances more employees, EU officials said, following a commitment to an EU border guard in September by President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“We believe the existing situation justifies a particular ambition,” the Commission’s chief spokesman mentioned on Friday, expressing self-confidence about backing from member states.

Failure to strengthen the EU’s external borders, senior officials argue, will see more states reimpose frontier controls inside the bloc, wrecking its cherished Schengen free of charge-movement zone, and foster the rise of anti-EU nationalists like France’s National Front.

But while huge powers France and Germany support such EU energy, other EU leaders might voice concerns at a summit on Thursday. Italy has pushed for a “Europeanisation” of external frontiers to relieve the expenses on itself and Greece of policing the Mediterranean. But the program may go as well far for a lot of leaders.

“This concept will face opposition from most member states,” an EU diplomat stated. “We think such a resolution would interfere also deeply in member states’ internal competences.”

“The Commission is testing our limits,” said one more.

He compared it to the Commission’s push to oblige states to take in mandatory quotas of asylum seekers, which set furious east Europeans against German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Poland, a staunch opponent of mandatory refugee quotas, was quick to come out against the EU border force proposal.

“This implies generating an institution, which would decide arbitrarily on its actions with no the (concerned) member state’s participation,” Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told private Polish radio RMF on Sunday.

“It is a single of the choices we will protest against.”


Germany and France, alarmed at the threat to the Schengen open-borders program from up to a million undocumented migrants arriving by sea and trekking north from Greece and Italy this year, have named for central manage over the zone’s external frontiers and, as a final resort such as now in Greece, emergency powers to send in European forces uninvited.

But even supporters of the strategy among diplomats in Brussels acknowledge it will face resistance. “Absolutely everyone supports strengthening Frontex,” 1 stated, “but when it comes to a common border guard, we’ll have to see. There have been concerns.”

Governments are reserving judgment on a proposal they have but to see. But diplomats said numerous had been likely at least to demand stronger safeguards against getting forced to act by the EU executive. Existing powers that efficiently can suspend a country from the Schengen agreements if it fails to protect the external EU border are mandatory enough, some diplomats argue.

Such threats saw Greece drop objections to a new deployment of Frontex forces on its borders this month.

Sounding conciliatory to his effective northern partners, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told parliament in Athens on Friday that a European Coastguard was welcome.

But he stressed that ultimate authority over the borders would nevertheless lie with Greece and he ruled out joint patrols with the Turkish navy, as envisaged by the Commission.

EU officials mentioned on Friday that foreign border guards would, as now, be beneath nearby command whenever deployed.

Specifics of the plan will be announced on Tuesday, along with proposals for resettling Syrian refugees straight from Turkey into Europe and adjustments to Schengen guidelines to enhance security following the Paris attacks on Nov. 13. EU leaders meet in Brussels two days later but are unlikely to talk about it in depth.

EU officials stated that the new agency will have close to 1,000 permanent employees, compared to about 400 at Frontex now, and double or far more the Frontex price range. A new Returns Workplace would be charged with deporting those who fail to qualify for asylum.

In addition, the border guard force would be able to draw on a pool of around 1,500 personnel placed on standby whilst still functioning for national border forces in the Schengen region. These would kind a rapid reaction force, able to deploy inside days.

(Extra reporting by Gabriela Baczynska and Wiktor Szary Editing by Mark Heinrich)

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Death toll from day of clashes in Burundi capital rises to nearly 90

NAIROBI Nearly 90 men and women were killed throughout Friday’s clashes in the Burundian capital, the army stated on Saturday, the worst outbreak of violence in Burundi considering that a failed coup in Could.

Blasts and gunfire echoed around Bujumbura for most of Friday and residents stated officials spent the day collecting bullet-riddled bodies from city streets.

There was no fighting overnight and the capital’s streets have been calm on Saturday.

Army spokesman Gaspard Baratuza mentioned gunmen had attacked 3 military sites in Bujumbura, kindling a day of clashes across the city. He mentioned 79 attackers were killed and 45 other people captured. 4 police officers and four soldiers also died.

“Sweep operations have finished now,” Baratuza said, adding that officials confiscated weapons and ammunition.

Unrest in Burundi, which started in April when President Pierre Nkurunziza announced plans for a third term in office, has unnerved a area nevertheless volatile two decades soon after the genocide in neighboring Rwanda.

Friday’s clashes have been condemned by the United States, which like other Western powers fears the Central African nation could slide back into ethnic conflict.

The U.N. Security Council was briefed on the developments in Burundi late on Friday. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, who is president of the council for December, stated the 15-member physique was ready to think about “additional methods.”

The police did not determine the gunmen. One particular of the generals behind the failed coup attempt said afterwards that his rebel group nonetheless aimed to topple the president.

Residents mentioned some of Friday’s dead had been killed following being rounded up by the police in property-to-house searches, an allegation the police denied.

According to witnesses and images circulated on social media, some bodies had their hands tied behind their backs.

“They entered in our compounds, gathered all young and middle-aged guys, took them and killed them away from their homes,” said one particular resident in Nyakabiga.

But police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye said there were “no collateral victims” during Friday clashes.

Baratuza said some attackers who attempted to raid the Ngagara military camp retreated and were pursued by safety forces who “inflicted on them considerable losses.”

Kenya Airways (KQNA.NR), which canceled flights to Burundi on Friday, stated it would resume flying to Bujumbura on Sunday.

Until now, battle lines in Burundi’s crisis have followed the political divide. But Western powers and neighboring countries worry prolonged violence could reopen old ethnic rifts in a nation of ten million men and women.

Burundi’s 12-year civil war, which ended in 2005, pitted rebel groups of the Hutu majority, such as a single led by Nkurunziza, against what was then an army led by the Tutsi minority. Rwanda has the identical ethnic mix.

More than 220,000 individuals have fled the violence to neighboring Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Congo.

(Additional reporting by Louis Charbonneau in New York Writing by Drazen Jorgic Editing by Bill Rigby and Sandra Maler)

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With landmark climate accord, planet marks turn from fossil fuels

PARIS The global climate summit in Paris forged a landmark agreement on Saturday, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy inside decades in a bid to arrest worldwide warming.

After 4 years of fraught U.N. talks often pitting the interests of rich nations against poor, imperiled island states against rising economic powerhouses, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius declared the pact adopted, to the standing applause and whistles of delegates from almost 200 nations.

“With a tiny hammer you can accomplish fantastic things,” Fabius said as he gaveled the agreement, capping two weeks of tense negotiations at the summit on the outskirts of the French capital.

Hailed as the initial truly worldwide climate deal, committing each wealthy and poor nations to reining in rising emissions blamed for warming the planet, it sets out a sweeping, lengthy-term goal of eliminating net manmade greenhouse gas output this century.

“It is a victory for all of the planet and for future generations,” mentioned U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who led the U.S. negotiations in Paris.

“We have set a course here. The globe has come with each other around an agreement that will empower us to chart a new path for our planet, a smart and accountable path, a sustainable path.”

It also creates a technique to encourage nations to step up voluntary domestic efforts to curb emissions, and gives billions far more dollars to assist poor nations cope with the transition to a greener economy powered by renewable power.

Calling it “ambitious and balanced”, Fabius stated the accord would mark a “historic turning point” in efforts to avert the potentially disastrous consequences of an overheated planet.

For U.S. President Barack Obama, it is a legacy-defining accomplishment that, he mentioned at the White Property, represents “the best chance we have to save the one planet that we’ve got.”

The final agreement was basically unchanged from a draft unveiled earlier in the day, such as a a lot more ambitious objective of restraining the rise in temperatures to “well beneath” 2 degrees Celsius (3.six degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, a mark scientists worry could be a tipping point for the climate. Until now the line was drawn only at two degrees.

In some techniques, its achievement was assured before the summit started: 187 nations have submitted detailed national plans for how they will contain the rise in greenhouse gas emissions, commitments that are the core of the Paris deal.

Even though leaving every country to pursue these measures on its personal, the agreement ultimately sets a widespread vision and course of action soon after years of bickering over how to move forward.

Officials hope a unified stance will be a strong symbol for world citizens and a potent signal to the executives and investors they are counting on to spend trillions of dollars to replace coal-fired power with solar panels and windmills.

“This agreement establishes a clear path to decarbonize the global economy within the lifetimes of several people alive right now,” stated Paul Polman, the CEO of consumer goods maker Unilever and a top advocate for sustainable company practices. Polman said it will “drive actual adjust in the genuine economy”.

As well A lot, OR NOT Sufficient?

Whilst some climate change activists and U.S. Republicans will likely discover fault with the accord – either for failing to take sufficiently drastic action, or for overreacting to an uncertain threat – many of the estimated 30,000 officials, academics and campaigners who set up camp on the outskirts of Paris say they see it as a extended-overdue turning point.

Six years after the preceding climate summit in Copenhagen ended in failure and acrimony, the Paris pact appears to have rebuilt much of the trust needed for a concerted international work to combat climate change, delegates mentioned.

“Whereas we left Copenhagen scared of what comes subsequent, we’ll leave Paris inspired to maintain fighting,” said David Turnbull of Oil Change International, a study and advocacy organization opposed to fossil fuel production.

Most climate activists reacted positively, encouraged by long-term targets that had been much more ambitious than they anticipated, while warning it was only the very first step of many.

“These days we celebrate, tomorrow we have to perform,” European Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete stated.

From the outset, some criticized the deal for setting also low a bar for success. Scientists warned that the envisaged national emissions cuts will not be enough to maintain warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, the last significant climate deal reached in 1997, the Paris pact will also not be a completely legally binding treaty, one thing that would nearly certainly fail to pass the U.S. Congress.

In the United States, several Republicans will see the pact as a unsafe endeavor that threatens to trade economic prosperity for an uncertain if greener future. Some officials fear U.S. progress could stall if a Republican is elected president subsequent year, a concern Kerry brushed aside.


Right after talks that extended into early morning, the draft text showed how officials had resolved the stickiest points.

In a win for vulnerable low-lying nations who had portrayed the summit as the final opportunity to stay away from the existential threat of increasing seas, nations would “pursue efforts” to limit the rise in temperatures to 1.five degrees Celsius (two.7 degrees Fahrenheit), as they had hoped.

“Our head is above water,” stated Olai Uludong, ambassador on climate alter for the Pacific island state of Palau.

While scientists say pledges hence far could see international temperatures rise by as considerably as 3.7 degrees Celsius (six.7 degrees Fahrenheit), the agreement also lays out a roadmap for checking up on progress. The initial “stocktake” would take place in 2023, with further reviews each and every 5 years to steadily increase or “ratchet up” those measures.

It softened that requirement for nations with longer-term plans extending to 2030, such as China, which had resisted revisiting its goal before then.

And for the 1st time, the globe has agreed on a longer-term aspiration for reaching a peak in greenhouse emissions “as quickly as achievable” and attaining a balance between output of manmade greenhouse gases and absorption – by forests or the oceans – by the second half of this century.

It also calls for rich nations to keep a $ 100 billion a year funding pledge beyond 2020, and use that figure as a “floor” for further support agreed by 2025, delivering higher economic safety to building nations as they wean themselves away from coal-fired power.

(Reporting By Emmanuel Jarry, Bate Felix, Lesley Wroughton, Nina Chestney, Richard Valdmanis, Valerie Volcovici, Bruce Wallace and David Stanway Editing by Jonathan Leff and Clelia Oziel)

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UPDATE 1-Eurozone officials rule out IMF’s exclusion from Greek bailout

ATHENS The IMF will not be excluded from Greece’s third bailout program review, Eurozone officials told Greece on Saturday after its prime minister said the global lender was not playing a constructive role.

Earlier this week Alexis Tsipras accused the IMF of making unrealistic reform demands, triggering a reaction from German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, who said it was not in Greece’s interest to question the fund’s involvement.

“There is no chance that the first review will conclude without the IMF,” Eurogroup Working Group President Thomas Wieser told the Kathimerini weekly newspaper.

“This is not my personal opinion or that of EU institutions, but a reality that occurs from the parliamentary procedures in some member states,” he said.

The IMF said earlier this year it would wait to see the outcome of Greece’s debt relief talks with EU partners before agreeing to inject new cash as part of an 86 billion euro ($ 94.45 billion) third bailout program.

Athens, meanwhile, hopes to start debt relief talks in February after a successful conclusion of the latest bailout’s first review that includes a painful pension reform.

Another European official, European Stability Mechanism (ESM) chief Klaus Regling, said on Saturday the IMF would participate in Greece’s bailout with a small contribution, adding in an interview to weekly newspaper To Vima that this was agreed in July.

The ESM chief said the organization aimed to re-profile Greece’s debt and smoothen servicing payments to make it viable and attract investors.

“We will aim to smoothen the profile of the debt… If we manage to extend a little more the period of the already very low repayments, then we will attract investors,” he said.

Earlier this month Greek finance minister Tsakalotos told Reuters he saw a 50-50 chance of Greece tapping capital markets by the end of 2016 – the first time it would do so since it was excluded from them in 2010.

(Reporting by Lefteris Karagiannopoulos; Editing by Clelia Oziel)

CORRECTED-Trump’s Dubai real estate companion strips his image, name from luxury golf project site

(This December 10 story has been corrected to modify spelling to “Golf” from “Gold” in paragraph 9)

DUBAI A Dubai real estate firm constructing a $ six billion golf complex with Donald Trump on Thursday stripped the property of his name and image amid a backlash more than the U.S. presidential candidate’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

Trump triggered an international uproar when he created his comments in response to final week’s deadly shootings in California by two Muslims who authorities said were radicalised.

DAMAC Properties had initially mentioned it would stand by Trump, even as one more of the billionaire’s Middle East partners, the Life style chain of department stores, halted sales of his “Trump Property” line on Wednesday in protest at his comments.

A spokesman for DAMAC Properties, Niall McLoughlin, declined to comment on why Trump’s image had been removed from a billboard outside the project construction site, along with that of his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

The AKOYA by DAMAC project will consist of a Trump-branded golf course, gated island neighborhood and spa. Trump is also building a second golf course, the Tiger Woods-made Trump Planet Golf Club, at one more DAMAC property in Dubai, AKOYA Oxygen.

An marketing billboard outdoors the AKOYA by DAMAC development had shown Trump in a red hat swinging a golf club against a backdrop of a lush green golf course.

By Thursday, the image had gone, a Reuters photographer stated.

An adjacent photo of Trump’s daughter Ivanka, an executive vice president for his Trump Organization firm, was also removed from the billboard.

Gold letters spelling out “Trump International Golf Club,” affixed to a landscaped stone wall at the entrance to the project website, had been also removed later in the day, according to the Reuters photographer.

Trump on Thursday postponed a planned trip to Israel amid the global backlash more than his proposal. Israeli politicians and much more than 370,000 Britons urged their governments on Wednesday to bar Donald Trump from their countries.

(Reporting by Matt Smith Writing by Katie Paul Editing by Sami Aboudi and Raissa Kasolowsky)

VIDEO: Ten fantastic ambitions from the Euros

BBC Sport appears back at ten excellent targets scored in the European Championship, before the draw for next summer’s tournament is made on Saturday.

Offered to UK customers only.

Watch the Euro 2016 draw live from Paris on Saturday 12 December, 17:15 GMT on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website.

UPDATE 1-China launches new yuan index to sway markets away from yuan-dlr concentrate

BEIJING China has begun issuing a yuan exchange price against a basket of currencies in a move to discourage investors from exclusively tracking the yuan’s fluctuations against the U.S. dollar.

The yuan has been weakening against the dollar in recent months, mainly pressured by industry jitters about slowing development in China and an expected interest rate rise in the United States.

The China Foreign Exchange Trade Technique (CFETS) announced late on Friday that it had launched a new trade-weighted yuan exchange rate index, which was at 102.93 on November 30, a rise of two.93 % from the finish of 2014. In that very same period, the yuan has fallen three % against the dollar.

The move is intended to “facilitate the market to observe the modify of RMB powerful exchange price from distinct perspectives”, the CFETS, China’s interbank foreign exchange industry, said in a statement.

“It is more desirable to refer to both the bilateral RMB-USD exchange price and exchange rate primarily based on a basket of currencies,” stated a commentary on the site of the official foreign exchange market place, which was also published on the central bank’s website.

Chinese officials have urged investors to gauge the yuan’s adjustments against a basket of currencies, rather than just the dollar, in a bid to ease market issues about the yuan’s weakness. Signaling to markets that the yuan’s weakness wasn’t unusual, the officials have noted the dollar’s gains against significant currencies.

Some analysts think the move signaled the central bank’s intention to progressively shift towards a basket system for the yuan, but other individuals disagreed.

“It ought to not be regarded as a formal policy shift by the PBOC to a certain exchange rate targeting regime that, the Monetary Authority of Singapore makes use of, for instance,” analysts at HSBC mentioned in a note.

On Friday, the yuan fell to its weakest in four-1/two years and posted its longest weekly losing streak in a decade, following the People’s Bank of China set its every day guidance rate at its weakest level given that August 2011.

The extended decline has prompted traders to wonder how a lot Beijing is prepared to let the currency to fall.

(Reporting by Beijing bureau Editing by Hugh Lawson & Shri Navaratnam)

Australia, SE Asia need to ‘re-double’ efforts to keep away from Paris-style attacks

SINGAPORE Australia and Southeast Asia should re-double efforts to share intelligence and make sure Paris-style terror attacks cannot be replicated in the region, Australian Justice Minister Michael Keenan mentioned on Wednesday.

Hundreds of Indonesian Islamic State sympathizers and some Malaysians and Singaporeans are believed to have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq. Southeast Asia faces the threat of attack when they return, Malaysia has mentioned.

“The truth that the national security circumstance has substantially deteriorated for all of the countries in the area, such as Australia, implies we want to re-double those efforts,” Keenan, who is also Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Counter Terrorism, told Reuters in an interview in Singapore.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the deaths of 130 individuals in attacks in Paris last month, the deadliest in France considering that Globe War Two.

Keenan also denounced comments by U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump who has known as for a ban on Muslims entering the United States following final week’s massacre in San Bernardino, California, by a Muslim couple.

“That is totally the incorrect response,” Keenan said. “When we appear at Southeast Asia, we get a great example that we are not somehow at war with a particular religion. And neither do we want to target Muslim Australians or anyplace else in the globe.”

Australia subsequent week marks the anniversary of a siege in central Sydney in which a gunman with radical Islamist sympathies took more than a central city cafe. Two hostages and the gunman have been killed when police stormed the constructing.

(Reporting by Ryan Woo Extra reporting by Fathin Ungku in SINGAPORE Editing by Nick Macfie)

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Deposed former Central African Republic ruler Bozize barred from elections

BANGUI Central African Republic’s (Auto) former president Francois Bozize, forced into exile two years ago, was not on the list of eligible candidates for this month’s elections, getting said in August that he would return to stand.

The polls were set for Oct. 18 but postponed till Dec. 27 soon after violence in the capital Bangui that has killed about 100 individuals considering that September. A single particular person was killed on the outskirts of a Muslim enclave shortly soon after the Pope’s visit final month.

Automobile was mired in violence soon after Bozize fled to Cameroon in 2013 when Seleka fighters seized energy in the majority-Christian nation, sparking reprisals by “anti-balaka” Christian militias loyal to Bozize. He was accused of stoking the attacks.

The government that succeeded him issued an international arrest warrant against him in 2013 for crimes against humanity and incitement to genocide throughout his ten years in energy. He also faces U.N. travel and banking sanctions.

The president of the constitutional court, Zacharie Ndoumba, incorporated Bozize on the list of rejected candidates but state media stated he had not registered.

A spokesman for Bozize’s Kwa Na Kwa celebration said the court had told them Bozize had not furnished proof of enrollment for the electoral list.

“We deplore the deleterious climate in which the constitutional court has worked,” celebration spokesman, Christian Guenebem, mentioned. “This choice is the outcome of internal and external pressure.”

Of 42 submissions validated by the constitutional court, thirty candidates were authorized to stand, most as independents.

Human Rights Watch researcher, Lewis Mudge, stated: “(This saga) shouldn’t end with him becoming excluded from the list.”

“It need to end with an investigation completed for crimes he could have committed … and groups he may possibly have supported.”

(Reporting by Crispin Dembassa-Kette Added reporting by Sebastien Lamba in Bangui Writing by Makini Brice Editing by Louise Ireland)

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