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EU border force program faces resistance from governments

BRUSSELS A proposal to give the European Union executive the energy to send forces unbidden into member states to defend the common European frontier will face resistance from some nations when it is published this week.

The European Commission desires to be capable to deploy personnel from a new European Border and Coastguard Agency with no, as presently needed, the consent of the state concerned, EU officials told Reuters in early December, reflecting frustration with Greek reluctance to seek assist with migrants.

EU officials call the strategy a largely theoretical “nuclear alternative” and stress that any infringement of national sovereignty would be balanced by the energy of a majority of member states to block Commission intervention – similar to checks agreed throughout the euro debt crisis.

The Commission will set out the program on Tuesday to reinforce its Frontex agency with up to six instances more employees, EU officials said, following a commitment to an EU border guard in September by President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“We believe the existing situation justifies a particular ambition,” the Commission’s chief spokesman mentioned on Friday, expressing self-confidence about backing from member states.

Failure to strengthen the EU’s external borders, senior officials argue, will see more states reimpose frontier controls inside the bloc, wrecking its cherished Schengen free of charge-movement zone, and foster the rise of anti-EU nationalists like France’s National Front.

But while huge powers France and Germany support such EU energy, other EU leaders might voice concerns at a summit on Thursday. Italy has pushed for a “Europeanisation” of external frontiers to relieve the expenses on itself and Greece of policing the Mediterranean. But the program may go as well far for a lot of leaders.

“This concept will face opposition from most member states,” an EU diplomat stated. “We think such a resolution would interfere also deeply in member states’ internal competences.”

“The Commission is testing our limits,” said one more.

He compared it to the Commission’s push to oblige states to take in mandatory quotas of asylum seekers, which set furious east Europeans against German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Poland, a staunch opponent of mandatory refugee quotas, was quick to come out against the EU border force proposal.

“This implies generating an institution, which would decide arbitrarily on its actions with no the (concerned) member state’s participation,” Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told private Polish radio RMF on Sunday.

“It is a single of the choices we will protest against.”


Germany and France, alarmed at the threat to the Schengen open-borders program from up to a million undocumented migrants arriving by sea and trekking north from Greece and Italy this year, have named for central manage over the zone’s external frontiers and, as a final resort such as now in Greece, emergency powers to send in European forces uninvited.

But even supporters of the strategy among diplomats in Brussels acknowledge it will face resistance. “Absolutely everyone supports strengthening Frontex,” 1 stated, “but when it comes to a common border guard, we’ll have to see. There have been concerns.”

Governments are reserving judgment on a proposal they have but to see. But diplomats said numerous had been likely at least to demand stronger safeguards against getting forced to act by the EU executive. Existing powers that efficiently can suspend a country from the Schengen agreements if it fails to protect the external EU border are mandatory enough, some diplomats argue.

Such threats saw Greece drop objections to a new deployment of Frontex forces on its borders this month.

Sounding conciliatory to his effective northern partners, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told parliament in Athens on Friday that a European Coastguard was welcome.

But he stressed that ultimate authority over the borders would nevertheless lie with Greece and he ruled out joint patrols with the Turkish navy, as envisaged by the Commission.

EU officials mentioned on Friday that foreign border guards would, as now, be beneath nearby command whenever deployed.

Specifics of the plan will be announced on Tuesday, along with proposals for resettling Syrian refugees straight from Turkey into Europe and adjustments to Schengen guidelines to enhance security following the Paris attacks on Nov. 13. EU leaders meet in Brussels two days later but are unlikely to talk about it in depth.

EU officials stated that the new agency will have close to 1,000 permanent employees, compared to about 400 at Frontex now, and double or far more the Frontex price range. A new Returns Workplace would be charged with deporting those who fail to qualify for asylum.

In addition, the border guard force would be able to draw on a pool of around 1,500 personnel placed on standby whilst still functioning for national border forces in the Schengen region. These would kind a rapid reaction force, able to deploy inside days.

(Extra reporting by Gabriela Baczynska and Wiktor Szary Editing by Mark Heinrich)

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Turkey detains alleged supporters of Erdogan foe in police force: media

ISTANBUL Turkish police detained 18 people such as senior police officers on Tuesday, in an investigation of alleged supporters inside the police force of President Tayyip Erdogan’s foe, Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, state-run Anadolu Agency stated.

It mentioned arrest warrants had been issued for 27 police officers in an operation across 13 provinces and focused on Istanbul. The private Dogan news agency mentioned the operation focused on former officers, including police chiefs.

Operations targeting alleged supporters of Gulen have continued unabated because a parliamentary election won convincingly on Nov. 1 by the AK Party which Erdogan founded.

Final month dozens of individuals, including senior police officers and bureaucrats, had been detained in an operation in the western city of Izmir over alleged links to what prosecutors have dubbed the “Gulenist terror group”.

Gulen was formerly an ally of Erdogan and believed to have wielded considerable influence in the judiciary and bureaucracy.

Erdogan turned against the cleric and his followers, accusing them of constituting a “parallel state”, right after police and prosecutors observed as sympathetic to Gulen opened a corruption investigation into Erdogan’s inner circle in 2013.

The cleric has lived in self-imposed exile in the United States given that 1999 and is the topic of arrest warrants in Turkey. A prosecutor is searching for a prison sentence of up to 34 years on allegations that he sought to topple Erdogan. Gulen denies the allegation.

(Writing by Daren Butler Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

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New U.S. force for Iraq to quantity around one hundred -U.S. military

WASHINGTON A new force of specific operations troops becoming deployed by the United States to Iraq will likely number about one hundred, U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren stated on Wednesday.

“It will be … almost certainly about 100, perhaps a little bit much less,” mentioned Warren, a spokesman for the U.S.-led military campaign against Islamic State. “It is really going to be a majority support personnel, every thing from … aviators to collectors. So actual forces who will do offensive or kinetic operations, it’s a really modest number, double digit.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the deployment of the force in congressional testimony on Tuesday. A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, had told Reuters on Tuesday that the total number may be about 200.

A cap on the quantity of U.S. forces authorized to operate in Iraq, currently at 3,550, would be raised by about one hundred, Warren stated.

“We anticipate that … when we combine the actual trigger pullers with all of the various assistance personnel that are required, the finish state is going to be about 100 up from where we are now,” Warren said.

(Reporting by Yeganeh Torbati and Phil Stewart Editing by Doina Chiacu and James Dalgleish)

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U.S. deploying new force to Iraq to increase fight against Islamic State

WASHINGTON The United States stated on Tuesday it was deploying a new force of unique operations troops to Iraq to conduct raids against Islamic State there and in neighboring Syria, in a ratcheting up of Washington’s campaign against the group.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated the deployment of the new “specialized expeditionary targeting force” was getting carried out in coordination with Iraq’s government and would aid Iraqi government security forces and Kurdish peshmerga forces.

“These specific operators will more than time be able to conduct raids, free of charge hostages, collect intelligence and capture ISIL leaders,” Carter told the U.S. Residence of Representatives Armed Solutions Committee, making use of an acronym for Islamic State.

“This force will also be in a position to conduct unilateral operations into Syria.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s workplace issued a statement saying it welcomed foreign assistance but Iraq’s government would require to approve any deployment of unique operations forces anyplace in Iraq – a point Carter also acknowledged.

Abadi reiterated that foreign ground combat troops have been not required in Iraq, though it was unclear no matter whether Baghdad viewed these specific operations forces in that function.

Strong Iraqi Shi’ite Muslim armed groups pledged to fight any such deployment of U.S. forces to the country.

Jafaar Hussaini, a spokesman for Kata’ib Hezbollah, a single of the primary Shi’ite militant groups, mentioned that any such U.S. force would turn out to be a “major target for our group.”

“We fought them prior to and we are prepared to resume fighting,” he stated.

U.S. officials, speaking on situation of anonymity, stated the program to deploy the unique operations forces unit to Iraq was discussed and agreed with the government of Iraq before Carter’s announcement.

“As we additional develop plans for these restricted forces, we will continue to work closely with our Iraqi partners on where they will be deployed, what sort of missions they will undertake, and how they will help Iraqi efforts,” one particular U.S. official said.


While the force is anticipated to quantity only about 200, its creation marks the latest stepping up of U.S. military pressure on Islamic State although also exposing American forces to higher risk, one thing President Barack Obama has carried out only sparingly.

The force is separate from a previously announced deployment of up to 50 U.S. unique operations troops in Syria to coordinate on the ground with U.S.-backed rebels fighting in a civil war raging since 2011.

Obama is under stress to accelerate a U.S.-led coalition’s efforts to combat Islamic State, in particular soon after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 individuals. He has been reluctant to commit huge numbers of U.S. ground troops, rather deploying restricted numbers of advisors and elite forces.

Fred Hof, formerly a leading State Division adviser on Syria, said the planned deployment of particular forces to Iraq to conduct raids and gather intelligence represented a shift by Obama.

Hof, who is now at the Atlantic Council think-tank, stated the U.S. particular forces were filling a gap in capable ground forces to fight Islamic State, which won handle of Iraq’s Anbar provincial capital of Ramadi in Might and also controls the northern of Mosul.

Obama “is edging as closely as he can to attempt to fill this … gap without violating in a technical sense his personal ‘boots on the ground’ dictum,” Hof stated, referring to Obama’s frequent pledges not to return to U.S. troops to a big-scale ground war.

That pledge, he said, does not appear to apply to U.S. specific operations forces. Obama in August 2014 authorized the very first U.S. air strikes in Iraq considering that the 2011 U.S. troop withdrawal and has deployed more than 3,000 American military forces to train and advise Iraqi and Kurdish forces to fight Islamic State.

His critics, including Republicans in Congress, accuse Obama of moving also gradually against Islamic State, which controls massive swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and claimed duty for the Paris attacks.

Republican U.S. Senator John McCain mentioned on Tuesday the new force represented much more “incrementalism” in the Obama administration’s approach toward Islamic State.

Carter presented handful of particulars on the new group, whose mission promises a far more regular operational role for U.S. particular forces than seen since the return of American troops to Iraq final year.

In the course of the congressional testimony in which he disclosed the creation of the force, Carter declined to say how numerous U.S. troops would be deployed.

1 U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, mentioned the force could quantity around 200 troops like support personnel, with only numerous dozen likely to conduct operations.

The top U.S. military officer, Marine Corps Basic Joseph Dunford, stated the new force would greatly accelerate the collection of intelligence, which “will make our operations significantly far more effective.”

“We’re fighting a campaign across Iraq and Syria so we’re going to go where the enemy is, and we’re going to conduct operations where they most efficiently degrade the capabilities of the enemy,” Dunford testified.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart and Yeganeh Torbati Extra reporting by Warren Strobel, Matt Spetalnick, Susan Heavey and Mohammad Zargham in Washington, and Ahmed Rasheed and Stephen Kalin in Baghdad Editing by Will Dunham, Stuart Grudgings and Lisa Shumaker)

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U.S. deploying particular force to boost fight against Islamic State

WASHINGTON The United States is deploying a specialized expeditionary targeting force to aid Iraq place extra stress on Islamic State and be positioned to conduct unilateral operations into Syria, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated on Tuesday.

“These special operators will more than time be capable to conduct raids, cost-free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture ISIL leaders,” Carter told the House Armed Solutions Committee in ready remarks, making use of an acronym for Islamic State.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart and Yeganeh Torbati Editing by Doina Chiacu)

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Sweden tightens asylum rules to force EU action

STOCKHOLM Sweden will introduce tighter border controls and asylum rules in a bid to decrease the number of asylum seekers reaching the country, and force other EU nations to take in higher numbers of refugees, the government mentioned on Tuesday.

Sweden expects up to 190,000 asylum seekers to reach its borders this year and says its reception program cannot cope.

“The circumstance is untenable,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told a news conference. “Now, to place it bluntly, more individuals will have to seek asylum and get protection in other European nations.”

The move is a massive blow to Swedes’ view of their nation as a humanitarian superpower and a team player in international organizations. Vice premier Asa Romson of the Green Party was close to tears at the news conference as she announced the tougher measures.

Lofven mentioned the new guidelines would be in force for three years and that Sweden’s asylum program needed “breathing space”.

Around 80,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Sweden more than the last two months and the Migration Agency said earlier in November it could no longer guarantee accommodation for all.

Some asylum seekers have been forced to sleep rough just as the freezing Swedish winter begins to bite.

Sweden introduced its 1st big-scale border controls in decades in November to slow down the flow of asylum seekers, but the move has had only a restricted effect.

In the final seven days, around eight,000 people sought asylum in Sweden, down slightly from about 10,000 a week earlier this month.

“It is clear that migration politics in the EU want to be fully reviewed,” Lofven stated.

He said the EU necessary a permanent method to evenly distribute asylum seekers across the 28-member bloc.

The government said it planned to widen the number of asylum seekers receiving short-term asylum.

Till the present crisis, all these granted asylum have been provided permanent residency. The government introduced temporary asylum earlier this month, but gave exceptions to children and households.

Now only asylum seekers coming to Sweden below international quota agreements will be given permanent asylum soon after the new guidelines are introduced, most likely in April next year.

In addition, the nation will introduce ID checks on all public transport into the nation from the continent and tighten guidelines for loved ones reunion.

(Reporting by Daniel Dickson and Simon Johnson)

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Agen Sabung Ayam – Paris Attacks Force European Union to Act on Border Controls

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Bonfires in Gevgelija, Macedonia, helped migrants stay warm on Friday as they waited to enter a registration camp after crossing the border from Greece. Credit Ognen Teofilovski/Reuters

PARIS â?? If Europeâ??s system of passport-totally free travel was not below enough pressure following a summer of chaotic migration, then last weekâ??s attacks in Paris have fortified doubts more than how much longer that freedom of movement â?? a single of the most cherished accomplishments of the European Union â?? can survive.

The Nov. 13 massacres in Paris had been carried out virtually entirely by European passport holders who slipped in and out of Syria without having being identified or checked. In addition, the discovery of a Syrian passport apparently held by one particular of the Paris assailants has renewed fears that terrorists have infiltrated the migrant wave.

With the focus now on bolstering security, European Union interior and justice ministers met in an emergency session on Friday and vowed to complete French proposals for tighter controls by the finish of the year.

For the first time, the ministers agreed ultimately to establish a system to share the passport information of air travelers within the open border location beneath what is known as the Schengen Agreement.

Continue reading the major story

As several as six of the assailants in the coordinated Islamic State terrorist assault in Paris have been Europeans who had traveled to Syria.

Provided the double chaos of migratory flows and cross-border terrorists, several nations â?? like France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden â?? have already established short-term border controls.

The concern is that they will make these temporary controls, which are allowed under Schengen, effectively permanent, destroying the agreement.

On Thursday evening, adding to the confusion, most nations along Europeâ??s migrant corridor

Macedonian police officers on Friday checked the identification of Afghan refugees at the border with Greece, near Gevgelija. Credit Robert Atanasovski/Agence France-Presse â?? Getty Images

But they had been stalled by inaction and by issues over data privacy in the European Parliament, raised specifically by Germany and the newer members from Central and Eastern Europe, which have been largely untouched by terrorism.

On Friday, however, the ministers gave their backing to measures demanded by France this week that incorporated tightening external borders by extending checks to far more men and women who can normally enter, and move freely within, the Schengen area.

Strengthening controls at external borders is â??indispensable for the protection of European citizens,â? Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, mentioned at a news conference.

Overhauling the Schengen rules would imply â??systematic and obligatory checks to be carried out at all our external borders and on all individuals entering the Schengen area, like these who advantage from the freedom of movement,â? he stated.

Mr. Cazeneuve has expressed fury that France discovered out that the ringleader of the

Agen Sabung Ayam – Initial Draft: Amid Republican Calls for Force, Hillary Clinton Will Present Her Strategy to Battle ISIS

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Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at a grass-roots occasion at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta final month.Credit Kevin D. Liles for The New York Times

Republican presidential candidates wasted no time following the terrorist attacks in Paris to put forth their ideas for fighting the Islamic State. They’ve proposed bombing oil fields in the Middle East (Donald J. Trump), permitting only Christian refugees into the United States (Senator Ted Cruz of Texas) and sending ten,000 American troops to Iraq and Syria (Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina).

The Democratic presidential candidates, meanwhile, have been much less vocal in how they would respond to the attacks that shook the French capital final Friday.

On Thursday, nevertheless, Hillary Rodham Clinton will deliver an in-depth speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York about her national safety proposals and how she would combat the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in Syria and Iraq.

The Democrats so far have spoken mostly in broad platitudes, vowing to support France and stand with American allies in the fight against terrorism, but supplying couple of specifics. Mrs. Clinton will face the difficult dynamic of putting forth her personal tips with no appearing to criticize President Obama, under whom she served as secretary of state for four years.

In the second Democratic debate in Des Moines on Saturday, Mrs. Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Martin O’Malley bowed their heads in a solemn moment of solidarity with the French and affirmed their commitment to joining a coalition to defeat the Islamic State. But the conversation swiftly evolved into criticism of Mrs. Clinton’s 2002 vote as senator to authorize the Iraq War, and to her policies as secretary of state, such as her push to oust Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Libya. (“I’m not a massive fan of regime change,” Mr. Sanders said.)

But as Republicans have employed the tragedy in France to highlight what they say are Mr. Obama’s significant weaknesses on foreign policy, Democrats have been loath to criticize his method. Even as the party’s presidential candidates wade deeper into policies on Syria and Iraq, they should walk a cautious line not to appear to be undermining Mr. Obama, who remains widely popular among Democratic main voters.

Mrs. Clinton will most likely use the speech on Thursday to differentiate herself from Mr. Obama in subtle techniques, including reminding voters of disagreements when she was secretary of state, like when she pushed the administration to arm some moderate Syrian rebels in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad.

The address will be the second time that Mrs. Clinton has delivered a wide-ranging foreign policy speech in a campaign heavily focused on economic problems. In September, she gave a substantial address about the Iran nuclear deal before a question-and-answer session at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

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