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‘It’s time to get pleasure from the celebrations’

I had a split second to come to terms with winning the Davis Cup just before I was mobbed by my group-mates.

A single of the specific things about this competition is you get to celebrate with your group-mates straight away, whereas after any other win you never get to see them till perhaps an hour soon after the match has finished.

On Sunday it was immediate, and I felt the full force of the team!

It’s not the initial time, it happened to me when at college soon after I scored a purpose and everyone then jumped on best of me, so it brought back a couple of memories.

I in fact get claustrophobic, so it was fine at the beginning when Leon got to me and then a couple of other people but when there were a couple of far more and I couldn’t move, I began to panic and shouted to all of them “get off!”

‘We should make the most of this’

The subsequent couple of days will be significantly far more enjoyable than after my two Grand Slam wins, for confident.

I regret maybe not celebrating as considerably as I ought to have accomplished after some of my other wins, since now I know how significantly work goes into attaining them. You never know when the subsequent one may well come – it may in no way – so we should make the most it.

That’s why we spent an hour and a half on court soon after the match taking selfies and chatting with the supporters. I never really have numerous personal images to be truthful, but hopefully it produced the day that bit more special for those who travelled more than to Belgium.

Brothers Jamie and Andy Murray pose with fan Ben Stanbury

It did take its toll on me a bit though – I could barely stand up at the finish of it! By the time I got back to the locker area, I consider everybody had enjoyed a handful of glasses of champagne but I jumped in an ice bath instantly. I’d began to stiffen up from not obtaining to cool down, stretch or go through my regular routine following matches. Standing about in wet clothes is not very good for you.

I do now make sure that I devote the time soon after wins like this with the men and women that I want to devote time with. Right now I want to commit my time with the rest of the group, and also my family and close friends.

There are plenty of characters right here and it will be excellent over the subsequent day or two to appreciate some celebrations. I would imagine Dan Evans is the most experienced on our group in that respect.

Highlights: Andy Murray wins Davis Cup for GB

‘I try to stay away from eye make contact with with Jamie’

To play and win a Davis Cup final with your brother is great, I’m truly proud of him, and it might never happen once more, so it’s anything else to savour.

What he was undertaking standing in my line of vision during Sunday’s match even though, I have no idea!

I just saw him standing in the entrance at the corner of the court at one particular point and located it far more off-putting because it was my brother, rather than an individual I never know. I normally attempt to keep away from eye make contact with with him altogether during matches.

Some players may possibly locate it beneficial to look over at their family members but when they’re right there, you see when they’re stressed or nervous or pumped, and due to the fact you know them, you know what their expressions mean.

I’d just rather Jamie wasn’t in my eye-line at that moment, so I let him know!

Britain’s victorious Davis Cup group gather for a celebratory selfie

‘Davis Cup can be a springboard’

Winning the Davis Cup is a large victory for every person in the group, but from a individual point of view I don’t see it so a lot like ticking off another massive title from a list.

There are naturally still two Grand Slams I haven’t won, and the Australian Open is a tournament I would really like to win because I’ve been close there so frequently, reaching the final four occasions.

And had I got by way of the fifth set of my semi-final with Novak Djokovic, I would have had an opportunity to win the French Open, so I’m not that far off on the clay.

Hopefully I can use this Davis Cup win as a springboard for next year, to take on the attitude I had in every single point and possibly get my first Aussie Open in January.

The Davis Cup has been remarkable this year, and I would like to thank all these that have followed us. It really is been an incredible journey and we could not have carried out it without you. Now for some rest prior to I start off coaching for the new season in a week or so…

Andy Murray was speaking to BBC Sport’s Piers Newbery. You can follow Murray on Twitter,