Corrections and clarifications

A news item (Miliband: celebration in worse situation below Corbyn, 23 November, web page 14) mentioned the newest Ipsos Mori poll put the Conservatives on 37% and Labour on 35%. Throughout the editing method, a clarification of these figures was lost. Ipsos Mori says these figures translate to 41% and 34% when adjusted using a method that would have provided the most accurate outcome at this year’s basic election.

The on-line version of an post about climate adjust (Don’t let Paris attacks cease COP21 climate modify deal, Obama urges, 22 November, converted a temperature alter of 2C to 35.6F and a temperature alter of 5C to 41F. Though temperatures of 2C and 5C are the very same as 35.6F and 41F, temperature modifications of 2C and 5C correspond to modifications of 3.6F and 9F.

A letter about human population development published in Monday’s paper (23 November, web page 30) was co-authored by Joe Bish, director of concern advocacy at the Population Media Center, and Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director at the Center for Biological Diversity, but since of an editing error we omitted the second signatory.

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