Nationwide keeps delaying our mortgage application

Why is our mortgage nonetheless in the pendiong tray with Nationwide? Photograph: Alamy

We are 1st-time purchasers and decided to get our mortgage via Nationwide possessing been told by a colleague that it was rapid, and wonderful with initial-time buyers and self-employed folks, as my partner is. On its site it gives a timescale for application to offer. We applied much more than a month ago.

Initially its communication seemed excellent, with text messages and emails updating us. Even so, we are now being asked for additional details in a piecemeal fashion. Every time we give the necessary details Nationwide tells us it will be another week ahead of it is reviewed.

The vendor of the property we are getting is threatening to cancel the sale as we had agreed a swift turnaround time at the begin. We are stuck on what to do here. Must we take our possibilities and stick with Nationwide or attempt with one more provider? TB and RB, Milton Keynes

Nationwide tells us: “The proof of employment originally presented did not match that incorporated in the mortgage application, and further evidence was required to full the application. When this was completed, the mortgage supply was issued.”

This demand for additional details sounds fairly affordable to us, even if Nationwide didn’t communicate this correctly to you. Your property buy is back on track and you have apparently considering that confirmed to Nationwide that you do not wish to raise a formal complaint.

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