Agen Sabung Ayam – Paris Attacks Force European Union to Act on Border Controls

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Bonfires in Gevgelija, Macedonia, helped migrants stay warm on Friday as they waited to enter a registration camp after crossing the border from Greece. Credit Ognen Teofilovski/Reuters

PARIS â?? If Europeâ??s system of passport-totally free travel was not below enough pressure following a summer of chaotic migration, then last weekâ??s attacks in Paris have fortified doubts more than how much longer that freedom of movement â?? a single of the most cherished accomplishments of the European Union â?? can survive.

The Nov. 13 massacres in Paris had been carried out virtually entirely by European passport holders who slipped in and out of Syria without having being identified or checked. In addition, the discovery of a Syrian passport apparently held by one particular of the Paris assailants has renewed fears that terrorists have infiltrated the migrant wave.

With the focus now on bolstering security, European Union interior and justice ministers met in an emergency session on Friday and vowed to complete French proposals for tighter controls by the finish of the year.

For the first time, the ministers agreed ultimately to establish a system to share the passport information of air travelers within the open border location beneath what is known as the Schengen Agreement.

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As several as six of the assailants in the coordinated Islamic State terrorist assault in Paris have been Europeans who had traveled to Syria.

Provided the double chaos of migratory flows and cross-border terrorists, several nations â?? like France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden â?? have already established short-term border controls.

The concern is that they will make these temporary controls, which are allowed under Schengen, effectively permanent, destroying the agreement.

On Thursday evening, adding to the confusion, most nations along Europeâ??s migrant corridor

Macedonian police officers on Friday checked the identification of Afghan refugees at the border with Greece, near Gevgelija. Credit Robert Atanasovski/Agence France-Presse â?? Getty Images

But they had been stalled by inaction and by issues over data privacy in the European Parliament, raised specifically by Germany and the newer members from Central and Eastern Europe, which have been largely untouched by terrorism.

On Friday, however, the ministers gave their backing to measures demanded by France this week that incorporated tightening external borders by extending checks to far more men and women who can normally enter, and move freely within, the Schengen area.

Strengthening controls at external borders is â??indispensable for the protection of European citizens,â? Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, mentioned at a news conference.

Overhauling the Schengen rules would imply â??systematic and obligatory checks to be carried out at all our external borders and on all individuals entering the Schengen area, like these who advantage from the freedom of movement,â? he stated.

Mr. Cazeneuve has expressed fury that France discovered out that the ringleader of the