Agen Sabung Ayam – Corrections and clarifications

Agen Sabung Ayam

A production error resulted in the loss of the last three words from an article on the Opinion pages (We accept Russian bombs can provoke a terror backlash. Our bombs can too, 18 November, page 37). The last paragraph referred to a “simplistic fantasy” that western liberal democracies are attacked by terrorists only for their principles while other countries are attacked for their policies. It should have then gone on to say that this belief “gives us solace and strength in the wake of terrorist atrocities. But it does nothing to stop the next attack.”

An article in the Travel section about a new tour in Wales (On the trail of the Welsh Braveheart, 14 November, page 5) misspelled Sycharth, once the home of Owain Glynd?r, as Sycarth. And on the front page of the section we misspelled the surname of the Welsh national hero as Glyd?r.

Double homophone corner: “I found it excruciating when travelling, different names meant we often weren’t allowed to approach the boarder control as a family … Queue more debate” (Why my husband took my name, 14 November, page 1, Family).

Other recently corrected articles include:

George Osborne, get your beady eye off the housing benefit budget

Eritreans sue Canadian mining firm Nevsun over human rights abuses

French officials yet to identify two suspects killed in Paris assault