Agen Sabung Ayam – Indonesia’s wellness ministry apologises for printing error on HIV campaign

Agen Sabung Ayam

The printing business responsible for the HIV awareness campaign missed out the word ‘not’ from the posters. Photograph: GeoStock/Getty Images

Indonesia’s well being ministry has apologised following a printing error led to a poster campaign claiming HIV can be transmitted by way of mosquito bites, swimming and sneezing.

Social media was flooded with angry comments after the ministry’s try to launch a campaign to debunk myths about HIV backfired badly in a nation where men and women with the virus are much stigmatised.

The Indonesian strategy involved placing up posters on commuter trains in the capital, Jakarta, stating that HIV can not be transmitted by way of mosquito bites, swimming and sneezing, or through human saliva and sweat.

But the printing business missed out the word “not” from the posters and failed to get final approval from officials. The error resulted in the banners reinforcing the quite beliefs they have been intended to challenge. Hundreds of posters have been plastered on trains at the weekend, but have been removed following the outcry.

“The ministry has to carry out a enormous and systematic awareness campaign to undo this blunder,” stated Aditya Wardhana, an activist from Indonesia Aids Coalition. HIV activist Fajar Jasmin tweeted that the botched campaign was a “stupid, fatal mistake”.

Senior overall health ministry official Muhammad Subuh said: “We have produced a public apology and now the banners are becoming removed and will be replaced with the correct ones. They omitted the word ‘not’ it was an honest mistake.”